Will I get away with it???

hiya bascically I am umming and arrring about getting a double pram! im having my second baby in july 4 weeks before my lil girl turns 2! she's walking but shud I get a buggy board or a double buggy i really don't know as i wont need it for long can you help?? or will i get away with it and not have to buy any!! xx


  • My Niece is about the same age as your little girl and she rarely goes in her buggy (except when she's really tired) as she would much rather be walking. But I know some toddlers LOVE their buggy.

    Do you think she would be upset having to walk, while the baby gets pushed arround, or do you think she'd like being so "grown-up" and helping you push?

    How about when she gets tired? Would you have to carry her while you push the buggy?

    How much do you use the buggy? If you don't use it that offen, you could probably manage, but if it's like a limb to you then it could be harder to cope.

    Is it worth leaving the decision until you are almost due? By that time you'll probably have a better idea of how far she'll be able to walk?
  • we had to think about this aswell, and even though Ollie can walk almost all the way into town he still needs something to sit down on or in if he gets tired. (he will be 22 months when baby is born)

    we got around most of the problems by getting a mia moda - it has a seat he can sit on, and a board he can stand on but he is completely harnessed on so he cant run away.

    dont think i could cope with it any other way myself. He's going to be too young to walk everywhere, and his legs will still get tired standing on a buggy board all the time.
  • hiya thanks for the advice both have really helped, Whats this about a seat? that sounds like a good idea for her, as she loves walking but doesn't walk very far a sI don't let her as its freezing outside and Id prefer her to be wrapped up warm in the pram , wheer can i have a look at the seats then maybe I just need to buy one of them and a pram xx
  • Hi this is also another option you can look at http://www.revelo.co.uk/buggypod/buggypod_smorph.htm
    hope this helps my lo will be 17months when baby arrives i have decided on a phil&teds sport take care
  • sorry, the mia moda is an american double pram, but instead of a whole second seat thing its just a padded seat he has to sit on.
    it works with any car seat due to a universal fitting and straps to fasten them in, and the older child sits just in front of you.

  • My daughter will be 21 months when this baby arrives and I think I am probably going to get a P&T. I want her to be able to have a proper rest if she needs it while we are out - particuarly on things like daytrips and also I don't want her to feel pushed out of her pram by the new baby.
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