My pushchair has just arrived!!!!
So gutted im at work and nto at home to unpack and play!


  • Awww wow thats lovely, where did you get that from?


  • Yay! At least its Friday so you can play with it all weekend! The pram was one of the things I was most excited about!

    We've got the quinny and I still sometimes play around with it, changing the travel modes.

    At the moment its in the nursery all set up in carrycot mode!

    Bec 32 weeks today! x
  • I got it from Kiddisave, online, after we went to have a look at it. Was the best price we could find online - is the Jane Slalom pro.

    Everyone at work has said its bad luck to keep it in the house, but im not really into things like that - why is it bad luck for that and not other things?!

    Then we are planning to decide on our nursury furniture at the weekend - going for a range from Next I think!

    Now all we need is a baby!
    25 + 4!
  • We've had ours in the house since I was 22 weeks as we have nowhere else to store it and got it in the xmas sales. At first I was adamant it must all stay in its boxes (as if that made a difference!!) but now its all out and I love going into the nursery and looking at everything x
  • I cant wait to start buying our stuff - we havent even started decorating yet as not finding out the sex until Monday (hopefully!). I wont be buying big stuff until im probably 30 weeks or so as were getting some money from my family then so will be spending that!


  • Hubby got a call and ours is coming two weeks today!
  • Its so exciting isnt it ladies!
    Its making things seem so real now!
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