can anyone help me

HI I am 24 weeks pregnant and been have pain on the back of my hip just on one side just before Christmas it started to go away but now i am left feeling slightly numb in my legs. Just like when sit on legs and get pin and needles and after that they slightly numb and do not feel like my legs are not working properly. Has any one had this problem. i am seeing my Midwife on Tuesday but i do not now see my doctor or just to wait until Tuesday.


  • Hi it could be that your baby is lying on a nerve, with my last pg my lo was on my sciatic nerve which was in my left hip and down my left leg which was like numdness and tingling then it went like tooth ache pain right down my left bum cheek, wait to see mw on tue and speak to her about it but if your really worried ring the docs to put your mind at rest.
    vikki xx
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