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Evening Girlies,

Im 33+1 and its suddenly hit me and im getting pretty scared. It sounds quite silly really as its not the labour or being a mummy that scares me, its what my tummy is going to look like after.
Ive always been quite fortunate with my figure. Am (or was) a size 10 and didnt really have to work at it.
At present I have no stretchmarks but with 7 wks left im well aware they could appear.
Im just so worried that DH wont fancy me anymore if i get stretchmarks and end up with a wrinkly saggy tummy.
I have told him how I feel and he says im just being silly and if it happens then its happened due to bringing our little girl into the world.
I just cant help but worry.
Am i the only one that worries about this kind of thing?


  • I dont think you are being silly at all! I was exactly the same with my son (now aged 3) I didnt get any marks on my tummy, just a few on my hips and they werent bad. I did get cellulite tho on the backs of my legs which I have never been able to shift even though I dropped all my baby weight! Its just one of them things. You listen to your hubby, he is right! Think of the work your body is putting in and what a beautiful baby you will have. Any stretch marks will be worth it!
    Only 7 weeks to go, here b4 you know it.
  • oh i worry all the time! and moan even before i was pregnant ..iv always been a nice size 10/12 but had a belly on me! and im worryed its gonna go saggy but its one of those things you have to pay 4 and its well worth it but will def try workin it of in as meny ways possible!! and im really scared about gettin bigger legs as that was the only part of my body i actully like! so ur not alone dear xx
  • You're not being silly at all honey, i think the majority of women worry about exactly the same thing!! If you have always been naturally slim, then you might find the weight comes off pretty easily afterwards. Also, i dont know if you are planning on breastfeeding or not, but if you do it seems to make any extra weight come off easily! There are still plenty of things you can do to keep fit after the birth without breastfeeding though if you are planning to bottlefeed. My best friend went walking every day, just down to the park and back. She put on 3 stone during her pregnancy, and it came off within 3 months of starting to walk. And the baby loved the fresh air too, she used to sleep for hours after her walk! But honestly, i was always slim before having children, and now i have stretch marks and a bit of a saggy tum (i breastfed my first, weight fell off, was unable to with my second and never quite got round to diet or exercise!!) OH still tells me i'm gorgeous, and whenever i look at my beautiful children somehow the stretchmarks don't matter so much! Sorry for waffling on, I hope it helped!
  • Hi,

    I don't know if it's any help, but I was left with stretchmarks on my tummy and a bit of loose skin after having our son, and my hubby definitely still fancies me! Sounds like you'll get away without much change anyway as you're naturally slim in the tummy area- I'm slim, but I've always had a tummy, as that's where I put the weight on first, so I was always going to be left a bit changed.

    I must admit to being a tad worried this time, as I've got an even bigger, all-out-front bump (we're having another boy, and I'm sure he'll be bigger than his 8lb 15oz brother!)- my muscles will be shot to pieces! Ah well, it'll definitely be worth it, and I know hubby will still fancy me- it's just my own vanity I guess! xx
  • I'm scared about that too! I'm only a size 8 at the moment, and always have been slim.... worried about how my body will look afterwards, whether i'll cope ok with childbirth being so small & whether my OH will still fancy me afterwards (he's been making me paranoid by researching whether women can get their figure back or not - doesn't help I must admit!)

    You are lucky your partner is telling you to stop being silly and not researching like mine!! aahhhhh

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