things people shouldn't say refering to your bump and you!

your massive

your hugh

have you got two in there... are you sure...

havent you put a lot of weight on ... especially around your face... its like a dinner plate...

oh my god you must be eating loads!!

I cant believe HOW big you have got! image

your going to be SOOOOO big by the end of it!

lol anymore girls?

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  • yeah!!
    i get y r u walking like a duck!!!!....... i tell em to bugga off!!!
  • LOL - what is about people that make them think they're original when they say about having two in there???!!!!

    Adding on to the have you got two in there - are you sure it then continues to 'it could have been hiding behind the other one'.

    Yeah, course it was - at each of the 5 friggin scans I've had smart ass.

    I swear I can be told in the space of 10 minutes that I'm both huge and small!!!!

    'bet you want a girl this time'

    you're looking pale

    I wish people would frig off and leave me alone - I don't tell them they look fat and ill - why they feel they can do it to me?

    Oh, and a really good one - if you were in Africa.......

    Shut the f**k up!!!!

    Wow, think that let out some pent up aggression!

  • Or wow your baby is going to be SOOOO big its REALLY going to HURT!

    yeah thanks for that! lol
  • You look like a house side!!! no word of a lie a woman at work actually said that to me and since she looks more pregnant than me (she's not though) I really never saw that one coming!
  • ha these posts really make me laugh, i too can be told im huge and small in the same day!! i dom tunderstand why people think its ok to tell us we look big, or ill or whatever, we wouldnt/couldnt say it to them...we should tho!!! argh
  • You're not very big are you?

    Grrr, I hate the way people (especially old women) always manage to make that sound like I am starving the baby. I am tall so I don't get a big bump and I don't use being pregnant as an excuse to eat all the pies (just the ones that look nice!)
  • Morning Lumpy!

    You are only getting away with that because you are pregnant.

    God aren't you getting big

    I've got a friend who has just given birth and she said it was the most painful thing ever, and she tore and she bled, it was like a horror movie....anyway have a good day I'm sure it won't be that bad for you.

    I could go on for days lol.

  • 'To be honest, it all freaks me out a bit....'

    'Have you seen that film Alien? I think its a bit like that.'

    Thanks - how nice of you to say so!
  • Hi All
    i think people think they can get away with saying how big you are when we're pregnant - i'm sure they wouldn't say "you must of eaten a lot of pies to be that big" to someone who was overweight!!!!!
    I can usually laugh it off, but some days i just wanna hit poeple!! I often say back that at least in a few months i'll drop the weight, but what you gonna do bout your face!!
    Sarah xx
  • Yes - I'd forgotten the alien one - especially when it's in reference to seeing the scan picture. grrrr....
  • 'I don't like babies inside the belly only outside when they are born it's gross thinking of them in there'----- this was from a friend of mine who is a nurse!!

    Lauren (37+1) xx

  • Oh, and a really good one - if you were in Africa.......

    My auntie said this to me this evening about how women go out into the bush to have children and have no pain relief and they are fine not 'iterfering with nature by taking pain relief' so she doesnt know what i'm worried about and that i should just get on with it!


    lol I was also told that i have 'bagged myself a man and therefore shouldn't be preocupied with things like strech marks'

    I'm mean the cheek of me 'being vain' augh! shut up were not in the dark ages! i'm have pain relief and plenty of it :lol: & so what if i'm loosing my figure and it concerns me a bit - i never said i didn't want the baby or i'll love him any less i'm just not feeling great about myself waddling and and having tiger strips on my tummy!

    lol dont we just LOVE families! haha image image
  • The comment I really appreciated the most from a stranger was " You are gonna need stitches, you know that don't you"!!!!
    If I wasn't at work my reply would've been."You are gonna need stiches after I've smacked you one,you know that don't you!!"

    Katie and bambino.x x x
  • I dont like ppl telling me how they thought i'd of shown sooner or how I'd be bigger by now. I'm 19 weeks with first I dont think it matters what size you are people obv feel the need to say something!! xxx
  • 'hey fatty' was what my deputy manager used to say to me at my old work. It all in a joking way. It wasnt that i was offended because i wasnt as i was hardly showing. It was more the annoyance of how often she said it to me. so often that it got to the point i had to force myself to smile because if really wasnt funny! She wore the joke out pretty quickly!

    wow your going to big sister didnt show until she was about 6 months. (im like yeah well im over 6 mths, and your point is?!)

    Oryour expecting a girl you've put on weight round your bum and hips. er no, my bumps all out front actually....this comment came from someone who was seriously overweight! I was like thanks for looking at my bum!

    Like some of you have said, its interesting how 1 minute someone says you look huge and another your tiny i didnt even realise you were pregnant!

    no one at my new work have commented on my size which is lovely. I would just love a big person to say your massive so i can reply at least i have a good excuse for being fat teheheh!

    Some people can be so rude/cruel regarding stitches and bleeding etc...i think i would have walloped them! xxx
  • This post gave me a good giggle!

    I've just found out I'm pregnant again and I'm going to store up retorts for when the stupid comments start!

    I did say on behalf of my friend when a rude older bloke we know said to her she was looking enormous " whats your excuse?" he was a bit taken a back but really!

    I mean and average of 8lbs of baby, 1 lb of placenta and 2 of fluid ! what do they expect at 40 weeks pregnant!!!!!!

    Rant over
  • my fave ones are

    are you pregnant? (no, i just like pies)

    you look huge for ... weeks

    you look small for ... weeks

    the worst thing is when people check you out to see if your pregnant or just fat!

  • ppl say to me:
    your bump is soo neat and tidy

    youve got a small bump its like sum1 has shuved a football up your top.

    they also say alot of the others that ppl have [posted gets right on me nerves cnt wait ive only got 5weeks togo yay!!image

    abbie,hope+bluebump 34wk+5
  • i've always been open with people that i've had to use donor sperm for my pregnancies and one woman at work asked if i was sure they'd not taken it from an elephant as i'm huge!
    i laughed it off at the time but it did sting for quite a while.

    oh and the other day my dad came back from a 3 week trip and said he couldn't believe how huge i was and that i was having a very very big baby and that there'd be lots of screaming when that comes out! my partner retorted actually she's very quiet and could give katie holmes a run for her money! which made me giggle! while my mum gave him a stern look and told him she needed to speak to him in the kitchen!!!!!

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