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Im having my 12 week scan 2morrow absolutly terrified after a miscarriage 18 months ago & then having pcos ive never been so scared am i just being paranoid and mad xxxxx


  • Awwww-good luck hun, Im sure everything will be fine.
    I remember my first scan-was terrified myself-didnt help that she spent ages looking at the screen and didnt give anything away in her face.
    I think its natural to worry though, especially after what you've been through. Just think though, after tomorrow you'll be able to relax a bit after seeing your little one


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  • Im sure everything will be fine, although it must be hard to relax given everything u've bin thru. Gud luck and try to enjoy it rather than be worried coz its an amazing experience. Kerry xxx

  • i aint seen ma baby since 7 weeks cos they already knew ma due date. i dint have a scan at 12 weeks so nxt time i see my baby will be in 3 weeks wen i go for my 20 week scan wen i find out wat im havin x
  • hi at my 1st scan i was so scared cos id had a little bleed which they found out it was a low lying placenta which still hadnt moved on my 20 week scan so got see midwife every month and have more scans but the baby is growing very well ad keeps kicking but its normal to be nervous and scared im sure everything will be fine the worst part of scan is drinking the water before the scan
  • Thanks every1 will let you know how it goes xxxx
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