i have no clothes!!!

i didnt really think id changed shape much and my bump has only just really grown, although it seemed to just appear over night! but ive just gone to try on some clothes that i thought would be ok to wear for a nice meal out (tomorrow for FIL's birthday) and nothing fits!!

all i normally live in r my jeans and casual tops which stretch over my bump. i thought i would be safe with leggins and a longer top but all my tops are quite tight around my bust. i just feel so frumpy!!!! were going on hol in a coupla wks too so i dont really want to buy anything till closer to the time just incase that doesnt fit either!

this is my first pregnancy and so far only bought maternity jeans and 1 dressy top - but thats so massive think its more for when you're about 30+wks, do u know if all maternity clothes are generally like this or will i be able to get some things that i'll be able to wear throughout my pregnancy?

think itl have to be some dressy jeans tomorrow unless i manage to go shopping xx

tt 20+4


  • Tbh I just bought larger size normal tops! I know what you mean though,I only have 2 pairs of jeans that fit and small handful of vvv tight size 10 tops left! I don't get paid for another 2 weeks so I'll have to hold on/live in PJ's! xx K 19+1
  • I'm exactly the same hun but i don't want to buy anything else now as i've only got a few months left. Not worth it.

    Twist Twirl was it you who lives in Barnsley? I seem to remember a thread about it.

    Vicky xxxx
  • lol i know. i was ok till needed something other than jeans to wear - its like that awkward stage where my bump isnt big enough for propper maternity tops but too big for normal clothes! i imagine maternity skirts will be the same. think im gonna have to find time to go and c if i can find anything. i cant beleive that i have a wardrobe full of nice skirts and tops and none of them fit. B xx
  • yeah i live off doncaster road between town and stairfoot, whereabouts r u? B xx
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