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Best daughter I could ever wish for


  • Best daughter in the world. Love her to bits..
  • no need to reply.

    Im really struggling emotionally at the moment. I had bleeding last night, went to a&e, had scan saw nothing have to go back on thurs. Previously m/c so just very confused at the mo. I don't feel pg anymore and one minute I have a glimmer of PMA but in a flash it's gone and i go back to feeling scared, worried,angry - my head is just all over the place and i think it will be till thursday. Just thought writing it down may help me. I just wana know whats happening so i can know what to feel.
  • havent words but it doesnt mean i aint thinking about you! xxx
  • Hey hun
    I know u put no need to reply but i feel that i need to, we are here for u no matter what!! u can say whatever u like on here and we will listen or rather read!!

    U will have our support hunni

    Carly xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Grrr I just wrote a really long comment & computer crashed! :x
    I know it is so hard, but keep up that PMA. I have posted on ur comments before if u remember saying that I lost blood for the first 11 weeks of my pregnancy & I am now 27 weeks today. It sounds awful as I am so sorry for women who experience mc but I almost wished I would, just so I would know either way & could grieve. I had early scans which showed the baby developing properly and with a heartbeat but after that I was bleeding all the time and just gave up and wrote the pregnancy off as an mc. They told me to only go in if I saw red blood, I did but I didnt bother as no one wanted to know, it got pretty heavy before I had the courage to go to the on call doctor who arranged another scan but even then I felt like I was time wasting. Which really hurt as I was very upset. My oh and my family were unsympathetic as well. They all assumed I would mc because I'd found out too early :roll: Like an early mc is not traumatic because the baby is so tiny :roll: Load of crap - it is always a baby! My little boy proved them wrong anyway and hung in there.
    I hope your lo is the same & sticks for you. I am thinking of u and hoping it all goes well on thursday & u come on here to say they found a heartbeat. :\) You know what they say - hope for the best, expect the worst.
    But I am really praying its good news.
    Are you still bleeding? xxxxxxx
  • Just wanted to say I'm thinking of you and hoping and praying everything turns out ok for you and baby. I know it must be very scary but it doesn't necessarily mean the outlook is bad - as Tiger Lily has proved. Big hugs honey xxxx
  • we're here for you, thinking about you all the way
  • Hi hun, just wanted to say I know you must be feeling awful at the mo but it does help to talk about it and everyone on here is so nice. When I was about 8 weeks pregnant I had some bright red bleeding and was convinced I'd had a m/c so I came on here and everyone was really supportive. I realized it's not that uncommon for bleeding to happen and it doesn't always mean the worst. Even so I was worried sick and crying all the time. I went for a scan the next day and thankfully they found a heartbeat.

    Anyway, I'm now 27 weeks pregnant tomorrow so there's always hope- just try to stay positive. Hope all goes well for you on thurs. xxx
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