Hey all, have finally had to relent and go into some maternity clothes - more for comfort, rather than because I'm showing (just looking fat rather than pregnant at the moment!!)

Trouble is, the trousers are very big on me - just about hold themselves up, but seem to be constantly hoiking my waistband up! Does anyone have any tips for holding things up until a proper bump appears???? :\?

Sarah x


  • hi sarah,

    really hope you get a reply soon as im going out next monday to buy clothes, im only 7 weeks pregnant but already my work trousers are tight so i know i need to get maternity clothes!

    how far gone are you? im sure you will be filling the trousers soon enough though
  • Well i hoped i'd grow into mine too but i'm 33 weeks now and have a big bump but my maternity jeans (2 different types) refuse to stay up whatever i do! I've looked for a belt but couldnt find one that would fit through the holes and go round my waist. The best trousers i have found were from blooming marvellous and they are the roll top jersey black trousers. They are a bit pricey but they are so comfy, they stay up and theres still a bit of room left. I've washed them millions of times and theyre still black too. Ive heard that maternity jeans that go under the bump wth side panels are better than the ones with the big elasticated band all around.
    Hope this helps and happy shopping x
  • Hi, Mothercare do early term trousers that might be worth a look! I used a hair bobble to give myself an extra few cm until I was ready for maternity trousers! Only thing is you have to wear long tops to cover up the gap! =p

    I mainly suffered from being very bloated in the first few weeks and didn't fit into maternity stuff properly until around 18 weeks. As you say if you just buy a bigger size up its usually too big around the bum.

    Have fun shopping! x
  • i think it depends on the style of trousers/jeans. I am wearing under the bump artyle mainly, and im having to wear a belt, but gradually have to loosen it as day goes on ha ha... Im 18 weeks on thursday, and most belts fit on last few holes with under bump other jeans have a belt thats bigger as it came with the jeans, from Next.
    Good luck with keeping them up lol
    caz xx
  • On ebay there is a shop called Hatchers Online and they sell thick lycra type bands that you can wear over your pre-maternity clothes and look like layered t-shirt or over maternity clothes for the same effect! Of if you type in maternity and your size then they just come up as you scroll down. Hope this helps
  • Hi...I'm 32+wks and I use a tie like belt (It came with a pair of trousers I bought years ago but i'm sure you can still get them or use a blokes tie) - I undo it as the day goes on for comfort - tho i have to remember to do it up before I get out of the chair - my jeans have been known to fall down straight away otherwise... its more comfortable than a normal belt and will grow with my bump
  • I wore NEXT under bump jeans at the beginning and it was a lot better. They still have belt holes so you can wear a belt before you fit them properly. I wore them for comfort at the beginning too.
  • Hi,
    I have 2 pairs of Topshop maternity jeans. They are nice and fitted to the bum like normal jeans and have elasticated side panels with adjustble buttons for different stages and the waist band sits comfortably under my bump. I have a black and a blue pair and wear the black ones to work as they look like trousers. They were ??40 each but well worth the money and do stay up even with a little bump!!

    Gem x 10 weeks
  • Thanks ladies!!! I'm now 13+1, and it really is getting a squueze - even though people say you can't tell yet!! I think I might go for some under the bump stuff and a belt! Ta very muchly!
  • I recommend you go and try a few things on from different shops as everyones bump is a bit different and the shop sizes seem to vary a bit too. I bought a pair of under the bump jeans from Next and they were falling apart very quickly, and not very comfortable after a few weeks. I got some from Dorothy Perkins which had a thicker elastic waist which have been fab nearly all the way through and are just starting to get a bit tight during the evening. But my best buy has to be a pair of trousers from H&M that have the high over the bump band on them. I really didn't like the look of them in the shop but once I tried them on I was totally hooked!! They are so comfortable and don't fall down or feel too tight. I also got some maternity tops from there which are more of a long tunic style which were fab and the prices were great too!!
    Not sure what they would be like in the UK as the H&M stuff I bought over in Norway where i live. But Norway is normally much more expensive than the UK and I bought the trousers for the equiv of ??25, and the tops for the equiv of ??12 each which I thought was very good. They do jeans, cords, jogging style,and work trousers so a good choice!

    Have fun shopping, I know I felt tons better once I had some clothes that fitted me again!!

    L xx
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