funny moving baby

hi girls
im 26 + 4 day and i wondered if anybody had had the same movments as me ?
the baby feels really low down and lieing across my tummy i get like pulling movments sometimes and wiggles anybody else had the same thank you


  • Hiya
    I think all babies get in funny positions and cause all sorts of mischief in there!!! With my first preg, baby was feet down and kicking my pelvic floor muscle constantly from around 20 weeks. Used to drive me mad! Then she moved and was head down with her bum wedged under my ribcage - that just hurt!!! She used to just rotate and change position all the time - not particularly comfortable for me!!
    Just feeling first flutterings of this one - again aimed at bladder/pelvic floor muscles! Hoping it moves soon!!!!

    Anyone else experiencing any strange movements?

    Claudia x
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