babybond scans, how many is to many? are they harmful?

hello everyone,

i would just like your opinion please. we are having the 2 scans at 12 weeks and at 20 weeks, and then that is all the scans we would have. but we have booked at 16 week gender scan at babybond. when i told my mum she was not entirely happy and said you should not have extra scans. are they harmful? also on the babybond website you can have a growth scan and a 4d scan after 30 weeks which i like the sound of. but i am not so sure now. what do you ladies think? how many scans will you be having? are too many scans harmful? surely the private clinics would not be allowed to stay open if they were harmful?


  • I've only had the 2 scans (12 and 20 weeks), I really wanted to have a 4d but don't want to know the babies sex, when a friend of mine had this done she said she could tell straight away. I've not heard anything about scans being harmful to baby, surely if they were they wouldn't be allowed full stop, plus if there are any complications throughtout pregnancy you would be sent for a scan by mw or dr.
    Sorry, this probably hasn't been any help to you. Remember when your mum had you there weren't any scans so probably is worried because of that. My mum was a bit the same until she saw baby on the screen!!!
  • i've not heard of scans being harmful, i've had 5 myself (none of which have been private) 1st scan at 7 weeks due to a fall, then the usual 12 week, then i had 2 20 week scans cos the sonographer botched the first one and just had the final one on xmas eve as all the others were done in belgium and only been back in uk for 4 weeks so midwife wanted some scan notes that were in english lol. if they were harmful then the nhs or any medical governing body wld not condone having extra scans at all and u wldn't get companyies like babybond existing.

    also ur mum might be thinking that its best to wait til 20 week scan to find out baby's sex as when they are earlier there can be less chance of them seeing girl or boy, so if u have ur usual 12 and 20 week ones then a 4d at 30ish weeks as a reassurance scan and sex confirmation ur less likely to be dissapointed. also as pumba says they didn't really have great access to scans back then and finding out the sex was unheard of so maybe this is also contributing to ur mum's concerns



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  • i had 4 scans in total, due to a fibroid...i really don't think they are harmful, just do what u want hun x
  • Totally safe method of imaging baby - just uses sound waves!
    Enjoy as many as you want!
  • Replied on June forum too but I'm having scans every 2 weeks due to having twins so they can't be too harmful
  • hi, thanks everyone for your messages. as you said if they were harmful you would not be allowed to have them. i am feeling a lot better about having the extra scans today. i think it is because we do not need the scans for any reason we are just choosing to have them. but as you have said they are safe, and thats the main thing.
    hope you are all well.
    take care. xxx
  • I have had 8 so far (twins), and have one more booked and will be scanned in/during labour too, so I think you'll be fine. there is no harm what so ever with scans. x
  • had 6 scans wit my 2nd baby, 4 were privately don so don think its harmful so go ahead hon jus reassure ur mom its ok.
  • Hi, I had 3 long scans with my son as I was taking part in a hospital survey, so they needed to gather lots of information - he's 21 months now and absolutely fine. I've also had 4 scans with this baby - the usual 12 and 20 week ones, plus an early private scan at 8 weeks as I wanted to check all was OK, and an extra private scan at 20 weeks to double check the gender and because the NHS one was really short xx

  • I say if you can afford private scans then sit (well lay) back and enjoy them hun !!! :\)

    My friend was scanned weekly from 20 weeks because she had a cyst on her ovary and she now has a very healthy bouncy 7 month old baby girl!!!

    If there was any risk the NHS/ private firm wouldnt offer them for fear of being sued !

    I hope you have a great time ! I had 2 scans very early, 6 weeks, 7 weeks, then 12 weeks and two at 20 weeks and would have loved more !!
  • hi, thanks for your replies. i think i will definitely now have the 2 extra scans after listening to you ladies. thanks a lot for your advice.
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