In praise of NHS classes

Hi, I've read quite a lot of stuff previously which praised nct classes but was much less complimentary about nhs ones, so wasn't expecting much when we went for our "active birth" class last night. Have to say I was pleasantly surprised, & hubby enjoyed it too. We were lucky as there was only us & 2 other couples there. The midwife who took the class was very nice, & made us feel relaxed. I felt I learnt quite a lot, even though this is my second baby (things have changed a bit since I had my first 14yrs ago!)

We also had a quick tour of the delivery suite, which freaked me out a bit - kept thinking "the next time I'm here I'll probably be in labour" - aaaargh!!!!!!!!!


  • hello, in your active birth classes, what is covered, is it just 6 weeks on breathing etc or does it cover basic looking after baby and holding baby etc????

    I am not sure what ones to do.
  • It was a one-off class, described as a "refresher" - the main reason we picked it was because it started at 7pm, whereas the others (which I think run for 3 or 4 wks) started at 5pm, & hubby wouldn't have been able to get there for that time. I guess they'll all vary a bit from place to place (we live in Leeds). The midwife said she thought calling it a refresher was misleading, & the other mums-to-be there were first timers. It didn't cover looking after the baby once it's here!
  • Hi n1983, my antenatal classes start next week, there are 4 sessions each lasting 2 hours.
    1 - intro, signs of labour, when to go into hospital
    2 - labour and delivery, pain relief, modes of delivery
    3 - infant feeding session
    4 - bringing baby home

    Will post an update once I've been to first class next week!
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