Is this normal- early PG sorry if tmi

Hi Ladies

I am hoping you ladies who are further along or who have done this before can offer me some advice i am 6 + 1 and still getting niggly cramp pains to lower belly. I have now noticed a yellowish cm which is thick and sticky. I cant find any reference to this in pregnancy books.

Is this normal??

sorry for TMI xx


  • Its normal to have lots of cm but i think if its coloured then maybe best to call your GP? It might be an infection or something? This may sound gross but does it smell bad as I know thats a sign of infection and infections are more common when pregnant and need checking out asap. Id get checked out anyway just to be on the safe side they will be able to put your mind at rest. Ive had loads of CM but its always been white or clear.


  • No no smell just same consistency to cm after ov but ever so slightly tinged . Is more off white than yellow but never had this before. Could it be urine staining it. I am peeing like a racehorse and dehydrated! maybe that could be discolouring it.

    Am wary of going to GP as feel i may be wasting their time and they wont want me there if that makes sense.

    If it continues or pain increases i will go though Thanks x
  • I have had this also, if you look up cervical plug you will find info, it is just your body stopping things going into your cervix.

    I too had the pains from week 5-6 and a little bit today

    its all normal

    6+6 x
  • its totally normal u do get more discharge when preg cos u dont have any periods and ure fairy bits need to clean out aslong as it doesnt itch and doesnt smell u r fine and the pains is prob just everything settleing in cos u r so early tc hun xxx
  • hiya, discharge in pregnancy is totally normal as long asit is accompanied by any foul smell or itching, the pains you are also discribing i had too almost as if af was on her way i felt like this for months still do occassionally if you are at all worried you really should mentio it to your mw or gp xxx you should never feel you are wasting anyones time hun thats what they are there for x

    chloe 31+6
  • Yeah its totally normal, I had terrible cramps and this is how i found the site! It is just everything stretching inside. I know how worrying it is though! As long at the discharge is not blood coloured at all then its nothing to worry about honey its actually nice and re-assuring that its all moving and getting ready for the baby to grow!

    Tracey xxx 28+2
  • Thank you ladies, you have really put my mind at rest. What your saying does make sense also. I am still waiting for midwife referral which in this area comes by post so I will make contact as soon as i have the details.

    Thanks again xx
  • Hi hun, I have had the same thing and i'm about 6 weeks now. Had it since before AF was due! It is not yellow as such but more off white. Don't worry it seems normal to me, but if you're worried you can ask your MW when you get an appointment.

    Amy. x
  • Hiya hun

    This is totally normal but as i always say if you are worried then just ask your GP as you dont want to stress over anything.

    I had loads of pains like period pains until i was about 9 or 10 wks i think and even tho they get less often you will find youll always get the odd niggle throughout your preg as everything is always stretching to accommodate your growing baby. Amount of mucus/discharge will also increase throughout preg and you should only be worried if it is smelly as could be infection.

    Good luck with your preg hun.

    Anna & Bethany (17days old)
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