sick of ppls comments

i am really fedup with certain ppl thinking they have the right to comment on my bump and making me feel rubbish. i am 36wks and two ppl havesaid how farare you gone i tell them and they say ooooh your not thatbig are you i explain that i wasa size 8 and am a 14 and midwifeand measurements are all how they should be arrrg sorry it annoys me anyone else experienced this?


  • snap! also size 8 and having the same comments left right and centre. really gives me a complex. i was in the canteen in work today and a few ladies from a diffrent department asked, how far i was so told them 6 months and one said "6 months? more like 6 weeks! theres nothing of you" really pissed me off as i havent been able to eat propperly due to bad sickness and am aware bump is only little but its there and does my head in when people put me down bout it image
  • Girls be glad, your just bump with none of the excess weight. I thank God when people say they only recently realised I was pregnant, and Im 32 weeks. I was and still am dreading the mass weight gain that people keep saying will happen. However I am tired with being compared with another woman in work who is due around the same time. People seem to think its open season on comparing our various body parts and sometimes not with the kindest comments.
  • No matter whether you're big or small, we all get these bloody irritating stupid comments. Next time someone asks you tell them you're 12 weeks pregnant and see their reaction! Or else do what I now do and tell them that without meaning to be rude, you've heard all these comments before and you're a bit bored of talking about it, but thanks for their concern!

    I'm sure I wasn't quite this blunt and evil minded before this pregnancy!!!

  • I have the opposite problem but I don't think people should comment either way. It makes sense that a size 8 woman is not going to be as big as a size 14 one (me) and vice versa. Ignore them - stupid people! My measurements have always been spot on too even though my bump is big. Just shows those ppl know nothing!! xxx

  • I've already eben called fatty twice today (by two different people), had quack sounds made at me (I'm waddling at the moment) and been told that I look ready to 'pop it right here'. Oh the joys - at least it my last week at work !!
  • you can't win, I've gone down to a 12 since being pg, some people are saying my bump is small, others have turned round and said, god your gonna be huge!!! since getting pg I've put on 7lb and tbh honest as long as it stays under 3 st (2st is baby plus baggage) I'll be happy, and as long as baby is a healthy weight, then who's to say if your bump is big or small.

  • As much as it is very annoying and I end up answering the same old questions to every customer I serve I also find it really friendly as now a days how many strangers strike up a conversation? I had a lovely chat with a really charming old lady and found out some really interesting things in her life...would that have happened if I wasn't pregnant? Maybe I just love chatting tooo much!!!!

    Problem is, once we have all had our LOs the questions and comments are still gonna be there but will be about baby instead!!!

    Katie and bambino.x x x
    Due in 38 days.
  • I'm 31 weeks and have put on three stone and all over it is bump, I have not gone up a dress size and still look like I'm not pregnant as have kept my waist shape buy this does not stop people I work with going "boing boing boing" as I walk which I hate and saying "my god you look pregnant!" NOOOOO do I??! I thought it was just wind.
    I hate feeling like public property and really just want people to leave me alone image
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