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I found out I was PG on Weds. Very excited!

Last week before I braved the test I was feeling very fat and started to think about hitting the gym as my trousers werent fitting but of course now I know why I was getting bigger! The only thing is im only 5 + 2 and I cant do my trousers up without my belly hurting! How soon were you all in maternity trousers! My friend who is stick thin was in them at about 16 weeks but I have a feeling ill be in them sooner! I dont want to be in pain because im squeezing into my normal trousers but then feel silly to be thinking about maternity trousers already!


  • hi, i didn't satrt wearing maternity clothes until just after the 12 week scan. if u wan't to wear maternity clothes because ur normal clothes are too small then go for it. alternatively u cld just by a items of clothes that are the next size up just to give u that extra room til u find ur more confident with buying maternity clothes, these will also be handy for after LO is here and still carrying some baby weight but no bump.


  • Hi winnie

    i didn't start wearing maternity clothes until about a week ago (17 weeks), but since about 14 weeks i've only had one pair of trousers which actually did up properly, and they were hand me downs from a friend who's a size larger! i had resorted to the hair-tier round the button and button hole trick on my jeans - which is fine as long as you're wearing a long top... but in retrospect i wish i had just gone and bought a couple of things in a size up from normal. and doing that then as siany says they'l be good for after the baby arrives as well.

    Aileen xx

  • i have now put away all of my 'normal' trousers/jeans. ill be 17 weeks tomorrow. i also have managed with the hair bobble loop technique on my work trousers but am really going to have to find some nice maternity black trousers...i tried buyin a size bigger that normal but they just seemed to be bigger in all the wrong places. I started wearing maternity jeans just after 12 weeks.
  • Hi Winnie1981, you should try mothercare for jeans as theres are just like normal jeans but have stretchy material waistband instead of button fastening. They are soooo comfy, and same size on legs/bum unlike other maternity clothes which just seem huge!
  • Hi. I'm 17+1 and still aren't wearing maternity trousers.
    Certain jeans and trousers are harder to do up but I'm trying to wait as long as possible but I think I'm gonna have to give soon. My one pair of work trousers are impossible to button up as they've always been pretty tight, so at the minute I'm making do with some weird mechanism of fastening them using a hair bobble! The rest of the time I wear leggings for work and they're ok as they're elasticated.
    When I'm not at work and wearing jeans I just open my button if it gets too tight but the other week I went on holiday and in the car on the way to the airport i had my button undone, it wasn't until I got to the airport through security and everything that someone I was with noticed my flys were undone! So defo gonna have to invest in some maternity trousers soon!
  • ..I bought my first mat trousers when I was about 6 weeks! but haven't grown much since so not needed to buy anything else except a pair of mat jeans and trousers for work!
    buy when you feel youneed them as I found it made me feel more nauseaous when my trousers were too tight xx
  • All of my jeans/trousers dont fit me now i brought mat jeans at about 16 weeks and they are so comfy, i got mine from blooming marvolus and they have the elastic waistband which loosens as u get bigger. They had a "fake bump" that tie round u so u can see if the jeans will last till the end i brought a 12 and they will easliy last me till the end! Good luck

    Jennie 17+6 xx
  • Congratulations!

    I started wearing mat clothes at 11 weeks but could have done with wearing them ssoner - I was just being stubborn lol xx

    I found that my stomach hurt in normal trousers from about weeks 5-7 and then eased off - I think it was to do with all the muscles stretching etc and the tight trousers aggravated it!

    I think it is your personal choice and you should get mat clothes whenever you feel you need to image I will say I have only bought jeans and trousers so far but they are sooo comfy!

    Tara 17+2
  • Me, my sis & my cousin have all needed mat clothes from 6-8 weeks. Luckily we shared clothes as babies were born roughly 6-8 months apart and I've put them all on ebay now as NO MORE and made ??120 so far....
  • My friend has been wearing hers since about 8 weeks. If you are uncomfortable in your normal clothes then get some although I think thats its good advice to get some a size up so you have something to wear after.
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