think i may be pregers with 2nd baby!!...

just curious to know quickly you can 'feel' pregnant... because im getting period type twinges at only 3 days after 'possible' conception...
is this possible?...

i had this last time but not sure if im imagining it. its only 6 months after my little boy was born and id be soooo happy to find out we're having another.. just dont want to get my hopes up...

any second time stories from mum's out there???



  • Yep, could be implantation twinges you are feeling and also as it's 2nd time round the feelings are a bit more familiar because you have experienced them before.
    But I could be talking shite as I only have one of 9 weeks old, I am just going on what friends have said!
    Best way to tell is a test I guess.........Good luck!!! xxxx
  • i had a funny feeling straight after my baby was concived that i would b having a baby,
    it was a happy accident lol (condom split) and i said to boyfriend even tho we have had unprotected sex many times in our 5yr relationship, that time he got me pregnant, he said dont be silly lol, but a week before period due i felt pregnant, i felt sick had sore boobs ext,
    i did a test 3 days before period due and i was pregnant and yes we concived that day as we hadnt had sex again that month. lol. dunno what gave me the feeling it was that time that i would fall pregnant.
    anyway cant wate for my baby to be here and my daughter to have a brother or sister lol,
    hope u are pregnant if thats what you want,good luck hun xxx

  • Hi, my best friend has three children and swears blind with her second two that she knew she was pregnant a couple of days after conception. I'm 13+3 with my second baby and to be honest I didn't feel any different. However me and my partner have sex at least three times a week and my life is so hectic at the min I still dnt even feel pregnant now, so I'm not the best person to give advise as I wud never be able to pin down my conception date, but you know your own body and feelings. Kerry xxx
  • thanks ladies...
    im still getting the little tugs in the right area... and slight cramping which i had last time...
    i soooo want to be pregnant again... wish me luck..
    Thanks for your responses....
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