Bristol area needed!

I posted this on the Baby forum 2 days ago but didn't get any replies.
I am hoping one of you lovely ladies might be able to help!
I have my booking in apt with the MW next wk and I know she will ask me which hospital I want to use, Southmead or St. Michaels. I am not from Bristol originally, but had to use Southmead when I had a MMC last yr and had an ERPC there.
I was tempted to go for St.Michaels because of the memories at Southmead but was wondering if anyone had any thoughts/advice? I hear St. Michaels have recently opended a new maternity bit, has anyone been there?
Any advice would be great! Thanks,
Lilou x


  • Hi Lilou, sorry to hear of your mmc. I have no knowledge of St Michaels although if i end up needing a c section or emergency that is where i will end up. I did however have my daughter at Southmead and really did not have the experience i was expecting after having a tour. The delivery staff i found horrible, well the midwife i had was not nice. Not very good care, i wasn't even offered a drink, during labour, or anything after. I left 6 hrs after having my daughter. Unfortunately i had to return 3 days later because my daughter developed jaundice, got to say the m/w on the maternity ward were brilliant. Probably not much help but after my experience at southmead id choose st michaels.
    good luck
    trace x
  • Thanks Trace. That is really helpful. I have to say I found the staff at Southmead both at the EPU and the ward/theatre not very suportive or empathetic so was worried about going back.
    They all kept telling me how short staffed they were (this was again the first thing I heard staff saying on recovery from the GA) and didn't seem to stop and think a) how the patient was feeling and b) those comments may make you feel apprehensive about the level of care you received if there were so few of them. My husband was fuming and has ensured we have private cover now incase we need to go through anything like that again.
    At the moment I am leaning towards St Michales!
    Thanks again, all the best with your pregancy.
    Lilou x
  • Hi
    i am only 6 weeks but i have already decided to go to st michaels as ive had so many bad experiences from southmead with other ops etc. Also went to visit sister in law there when she had cesarean and it seemed so cramped and horrible. was not impressed.
    good luck

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