Convinced shes coming early - is this normal?

Hi all

I am due on 5th July but I am convinced totally that she will be early like mid June. Is it normal to think she'll come early?

I just have a really strong feeling but my friends who have kids said they never felt this. Am i psychic or paranoid???!!!!

Laura xx


  • Hmmm, Im not sure hun.
    Is there any reason your thinking this? Everyone was adiment my sister was going to have my nephew early except for her-she thought he'd be late....which he was, so you never know;10051;28/st/20080729/dt/5/k/9e45/preg.png

  • not really apart from i am MASSIVE!! Just really convinced shes gonna be a june baby mmmmmmm

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  • I was convinced mine would be early, i even finished work early and bought early baby clothes!
    He was due 6th jan 08 but i knew he would be here in 2007, and he was 2 and half weeks early born on 19/12/07, the midwives at hosp couldn't believe i actually had clothes that fitted him!!
  • Hi Laura, I would maybe call it mothers intuition. I knew from day 1 of my second pregnancy she would come early, and she proved me right as she tried coming at 33 weeks but lovely doctors stopped it and she was born 4 weeks early at 36 weeks.

    Now with this little man even the doctors think he will be early I am due 18th july but they are actually thinking it could be mid June so next months ahh! I am carrying too much water and he is a little on the large side so I am measuring 6 weeks bigger at last check. I am only tiny myself and I am now at the isze I was when I had my little girls.

    All I can say is trust your instincts at every twinge and take notes everywhere even if just down the road my waters broke in Morrisons and was so glad I had my notes on me that day!

    Good luck hun xxx

  • I think probably now that ur in the last stages of ur pregnancy its just wishful thinking that she will cum mid june, especially as the whether starts hotting up. Im due on 2nd july but have the option of an elective section and as im getting futher and futher gone im thinking wat a good idea that might be coz it will mean my baby is here in june. Baby will come wen its ready whether it be mid june or mid july. Kerry xxx

  • Other people thought I might have him earlyish but I was always convinced he would be very late. In fact I always knew he would be and glad I did as I'm 41+1 tomorrow and it hasnt barely dragged cos I was prepared!

    I am being induced on Wednesday this week but still, convinced he would have been later than that, in fact I think I would have easily made it to 43 weeks. It is hard as people keep calling expecting something to be starting or for me at least to be anticipating labour but I knew I would have to be induced from the start, so they are pissing me off, lol!

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