britains biggest babies on itv 2

if anyones interested x


  • OMG going by the title im not sure i wanna watch it!!!! scare me to death and im having the sun roof birth!!! lol lol
  • just turned over - brilliant! lol
  • very scarey!!! x
  • I'm watching it!!! x
  • it was fair enough when people had big babies because they had big babies but the women who were like... "I don't know why my baby is so big I don't want that for my child" whilst simultaneously feeding them a big plate of fried food, I desire a reality check for them.

    ouch though, serious ouch.
  • I watched this last night and am of totally the same opinion as you pumpkin8! The mums of the 2 toddlers who were 'big' yet still fed chips and junk food throughout the programme need some intervention! How cruel when the 2 sisters were laughing at him in the swimming pool as well, argh! x
  • Given the size of those 2 sisters I suggest it wouldn't have hurt if they had got in the pool with him.
    "I ate alot of fish...." B******s You ate alot of 'fried' fish!
    Sorry, I'm normally of the opinion people should just bring up their children the way they want and it's nobody else's business but I think allowing your child to reach this state is a form of abuse. The effects on his health and emotional well being.... unable to go to playgroup, to embarrassed to swim during times when 'normal' people are in there, what are they thinking??????? It's not funny!!!

    I think I'll just get off my soap box now......
  • this programme was on a bit ago and caused quite a stir then - cant say much about the kids who are big for no 'better' reason than their diet, but as for babies weights at birth my OHs family have all been big! My OH was the smallest till Ollie came along - Oh weighed 12lbs + at birth and he has two uncles that both weighed a stone at birth.... you wouldnt think it to look at them now though! Ollie is now the smallest at 9lb 2 but we're expecting this next one to be bigger than that again....

  • I couldn't bring myself to watch it. I'm a big mum-to-be and its hard to watch what people say about big women having bigger babies. So what, fat people are never allowed to have babies then?!?!

    Joo xxx
  • i didnt see it! am gutted will have to watch it online when brooke goes for her nap! she was a big baby and still is a big toddler. weight wise anyway but she isnt fat! dunno where the weight comes from coz u wudnt think she weighed that much by looking at her! xx
  • i only caught the last 20 mins of it, and was appalled by what i did see! poor kids, i agree with you dappytart it is certainly a form of abuse in my eyes. giving birth to big babies more often than not cant be helped!but to be feeding them crap like that is a totally different story,
    charlie x
  • Joo- it wasnt about 'fat people' some of the bigger babies on the programme came from really small people, which is why they were surprised about the size of the baby....

    and the diet comment again wasnt aimed at the mothers weight, but at what they chose to feed their 2 years olds as a staple food (chips for every meal) then wondered why their babies were so big......

    it was never a comment about big mums to be, sorry if it came across as that.
  • Oh hon, wasn't getting at you!

    Just a general moan really - there are bigger ladies in the world, there always will be, and its not as simple to lose weight as people like to think it is...

    The way my colleague portrayed the programme was that "big mum's = big babie's", that's all she really said, so she was leaving out vital info. by the sounds of it!!!

    She is always going on at me for my eating habits (which yeah, aren't the best, but are def. better since getting PG)! I tend to laugh it off but sometimes she gets on my nerves... if I want a cookie, I will have one OK!!!

    Hormones again as hubby would say. He puts EVERYTHING down to my hormones :lol:

    Love n hugs xxx
  • does anybody know where i would be able to watch this programme online??
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