What is considered low risk Nuchal?

Hello all,

Just a quickie really, we are going for a Nuchal scan and blood tests on Wednesday and just wondered what would be considered as a high risk or a low risk ratio? What should we book looking for?

Thanks girls,




  • I don't know but I am sure they will tell you whats high and low risk if you ask before the scan.

    Whatever you do DON'T GOOGLE IT!!!

    I have scared myself silly so many times after googling something, ask the experts and trust what they tell you.

    Good luck!
  • If you get under 1 in 250 it is low, anything above is concidered high x
  • It depends upon your age. You need to be careful with the N/S results as its easy to get scared by them because numbers vary so much.
    The figure given is relative to your age and the information gained in the scan and the blood test if you have it. If it is say 1 in 250, that doesn't mean that you have a 1 in 250 chance that the baby will be downs, it means that out of all women, of the same age as you, with the same measurements as you, 1 in 250 will have a downs baby.
    Which is WAY smaller risk that 1 in 250.
    Anyway, as Miss impatient said before, take the advice of the proffessionals. Good luck with it.
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