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hi my spd has been getting worse n worse so i spoke to my dr who sadly has a penis and therefore no clue!!!!! i was trying to ask him if he'd support me when i ask the consultant to induce me early as i cant walk v far n am sleepin on a bean bag chair in my living room as i cant get up stairs. my kids r miserable as im no fun mummy. anyway my dr was like well i dont want to give you stronger pain meds and as for the induction i think theyre pointless so no i wont support you! im sorry u think theyre pointless you a man who has never been through child birth or havin spd think they r pointless!!!! why dont you take your pointless little stethascope n shove it mate. ARRRRGHHH sorry rant over i just hurt alot


  • Hi hun I know exactly how you feel. I went to the docs last week to see someone about my SPD. I asked to see a female doc for the exact same reason but they did'nt have one early enough and I had to go pick my eldest up from nursary so just settled for a male one. He would'nt give me ne pain relief and when I first said SPD to him he was a little unsure of what I meant I think!! He did refur me for Physio nxt week tho so he was'nt entirely useless. He told me to take paracetomol which has no effect what so ever!!! I mentioned being induced early too as I have a 3 yr old and a 1 yr old to look after aswell!! I feel like a right moody cow most days and just want my baby out as soon as poss really. I went 8 days over with both my girls so even if they induced me a week b4 my due date, that would be 2 weeks less that I 've got to carry my baby around for! He was'nt keen tho. I will be going back for a second opinon if the physio does'nt help!!! Bloody men!!!
  • ooh feeling for you hon. Sorry - haven't had spd so don't know what it feels like, can only imagine. Keep on fighting - don't let your gp put you off though.

  • Dont give up ladies!!!

    I knew from day 1 I was going to be having a c/section (2 previous) and with this pregnancy experienced SPD for the 1st time. I was told my section would not be done before 39 wks but my midwife made me an appt to see the consultant and they have agreed to do one at 38 wks!

    I really hope you get good luck to but I will let you know I have a female GP and she is just as useless! My OH phoned her up just over a week ago and told her I was "suicidal with pain" (I could not move) and she wanted to send me to the Mental Health Unit!!! All we wanted was for some effective pain relief - she finally phoned back over an hour later and said I could take 1 extra tablet when the pain was excrutiating!
  • Hi girls...just gatecrashing.

    I had SPD with both my 2 and it was worse with my second. I could barely move from around 24 weeks and i begged and begged for an induction at around 38weeks but they wouldn't. I had my 1yr old to look after aswell but they wouldnt listen! I hope you get the answers you want. I really feel for you cos it is awful! Luckily i went into labour natrually at 37+6. the best thing i can suggest for you is just to keep phoning your midwife, consultant and gp all the time until they get sick and give in. That was my plan!

    Fingers crossed for you hun

    Heather xxx
  • im seeing a consultant tommorow but he is of the male persuasion so dont know how ill get on mainly im gonna cry lots!!!
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