Polycystic Ovaries?

I have had bad AF pains for the past 4 days, I know it could be streaching pains etc, but do they normally last for 4 days?

Also I have PCOS and had bad pain from it and it feels the same, I am wondering if I have a new cyst?

Should I go to the doctors? will they just send me away?



  • I'd get them to just scan your ovaries of you can, I think the pregnancy hormones can affect your cysts & also how far along are you, could it just be baby & everything else is putting more pressure on them? I have PCOS and felt this last time but I got them to just scan me while I was having a baby scan and everything was normal! just les room hence feeling them hth! x
  • I have a early scan booked for next wednesday, I should really wait til then as there is nothing they can do really, just the waiting and the unknown is hideous...........

    reassuring to know you also got pains and everything was ok x
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