My wonderful OH....

There are so many posts on here about men who are arses or treating their partners badly or other halfs who aren't interested in the baby etc etc....
They get a lot of stick on here and so they blimin should from what I'm reading!


I would like to start a post for all those wonderful husbands and partners out there who are so amazing...

I dedicate this to my husband Simon, who I adore with all my heart.

He does everything he can to make me happy and has been supporting me 100% through this pregnancy. Don't get me wrong, we have arguements (particularly with my hormones at present) but he is fantastic, for the following reasons (and more!)
1. He is doing ALL the washing, ironing, cooking and cleaning, Even to the point last week where he had the day off work and I came home from work to find he had cleaned the WHOLE house, even under the dishwasher, skirting boards - everything!
2. He has decorated the whole house and nursery in preparation for the baby.
3. He rubs my back and feet evey night without fail, even though he is suffering from a slipped disc himself!
4. He asks me if I'm ok every time i get up to go to the toilet in the night and rubs my back again if I can't sleep.
5. He watches Hollyoaks and Eastenders with me on Sky+ everynight when we sit down after tea!
6. He is working full time, leaving the house at 7.30am and getting home at 6.45pm 6 days a week.
7. He texts me at least once every day, even though it is difficult at his work to see if I'm ok.
8. He cleans and polishes my car once a week.
9. He cuddles me when I cry.
10. He has been to every NCT antenatal class with me and was the only guy other than one other at the breastfeeding session.
11. He wants to feel baby move when I do.
12. He sits in bed and reads the baby book more than me to be 'in the know'..
13. When the guys at work take the piss about pregnancy hormones and stuff, he says that he just wants to support me and be there for me and be involved in everything.
14. He suggested we go to the baby show on Sunday at the NEC.
15. He sky plusses the baby programmes for me and watches them with me!
16. He loves shopping for the baby with me!

Need I go on?
So, thank you to my wonderful husband. There are some fantastic OH's out there, so come on girls, share your mens good points!

31+2. xxx


  • Oh thats lurvely Rachel,
    I had a lot of problems with my hubby in feb but now he has completely turned around and I want to join in singing his praises.
    1. every morning he tells my belly he loves lo and strokes it
    2. he rings me twice a day whilst at work to tell me he loves me and to check I am alright
    3. he has re arranged the bedroom so I am sleeping right next to the cot cos I got upset the other night feeling like I was too far away from it.
    4. he helps me get up from the sofa (beached whale lol)
    5. he still tells me I look beautiful and sexy every morning (even though I don't believe I do, I do believe he thinks I do)
    6. he holds my dressing gown up for me when I get out of the bath cos I can't get into it on my own anymore lol
    7. he lays with his head on my tummy most evenings and giggles (in a manly way of course) when he gets kicked in the face
    8. he tells me how much of a wonderful mum I am going to be
    9. I just love him so much it hurts and I couldn't be happier than to be having a child with him he is a different man to the man I had to deal with in feb

  • What a wonderful man you have there.
  • You are very lucky if you can send me your addresses so I can kidnap your partners, LOL.
  • Pixie-woo believe me he has his bad points too lol but I will rent him out for a small fee image

  • My OH is wonderful too! He...
    Loves feeling baby move
    Is so proud of her already, will be a wonderful dad
    Is very protective of me around our crazy families
    Is going through horrible process of finding new job so we can move to a house with garden and garage and spare rooms (!!!!!!!!!!)
    Is so proud that he's going to support me staying at home for a few years, although he'd be just as happy to be a stay-at-home-dad
    Still fancies me & tells me so
    Is looking forward to being birth partner and cutting the cord
    Bought me flowers when I was upset last week
    Is so gentle and good looking! ;-D

    I keep telling my bump we're lucky to have landed this one! Yes, we still get narky sometimes but he's transformed me from Use & Abuse Singleton to loving wife & mum-to-be and I adore him for it!

    Thanks for thinking of this post Mrs E - praise where it's deserved!
  • Weeza - my dh has transformed me from "that drunk one in the corner" image
  • My other half is great too
    He after a hard days work looks after my 4 year old hyper son, who he treats as his own
    Kisses me and tells me im beautiful even though i feel like a house
    Always makes me giggle when i feel shitty
    I agree they sometimes r great arent they xxx
    30 days left
  • I was thinking just the other day that all we seem to hear about on here is oh's causing trouble! My oh is also mostly wonderful.

    He gets up with Millie to do her breakfast all the time when he is not working so I can have an extra 20 mins in bed.
    He does Millie's bath everynight when he isn't at work so that I don't have to bend down.
    He is already the best dad in the world, Millie adores him, and I can't wait to see him with a little baby again.
    He comes home from work every night and tidys up the god awful mess me and Millie have spent all day making.
    He does the washing, loads the dishwasher and the other day cleaned the whole of downstairs while I was out.
    Most importantly he puts up with me! even when I am being tottaly unreasonable and a complete pain in the back side!

    Like Caz, I am also prepared to rent him out but the fee would be rather large as I would have to pay someone else to do all of the stuff he normally does!!
  • Aw what lovely posts.

    I too am very lucky to have a wonderful husband.

    He almost cried when I told him the pg test was positive. He's been doing all the housework ever since we found out and he does all the cooking, cleaning and does the cats litter tray.
    He gets excited about my bump growing and every day asks me if he can have a look to see if it's grown any more lol
    He texts me throughout the day to check I'm ok and is always telling me he loves me. He also keeps telling me how much he's looking forward to being a daddy. He checks on me every night when I get up to go to the toilet to make sure I'm not going to be sick and he shouts through to me to make sure I haven't passed out or fallen over... he's the most gorgeous, kind, special and selfless man I've ever known.

    I love him with all my heart and I really can't wait until I see him hold our baby for the first time, he's going to be the best dad in the world!

  • Just want to say a few words about my hubby as well...

    He leaves home 6.30am and returns around 8ish if he's not working late. But still does all following (and more)
    Does the DIY to get house ready, currently laying new floor for nursery
    Gets me dinner,
    Mother & Baby mags
    Endless ice-lollies
    Finds me useful websites on babies
    tells me I'm beautiful and sexy
    Rubs my back and feet
    Runs my bath, get towels, changes beds, does cleaning
    Gets me Gaviscon and vitamins
    Listens to me moan about being pregnant
    Lets me hug the remote control to watch "American and Britan next supermodel"
    Tells me not to worry and he'll look after baby and I
    always has a smile on and ready to make me laugh however ever hormonal I get

    MrG, I love you more than words can say!

  • I was gonna start one like this a while ago but didn't want to seem all smug when others are not so lucky!
    However, I couldn't have got through this pregnancy without him, he looks after me more than ever, he makes me walk on the inside of the pavement all the time, he will do anything I ask, he always makes me laugh and I will not rent him out for all the money in the world!!
  • You do that Niki!
    And the best thing ever, that i didn't mention......
    I don't even have to ASK him to do any of the above!

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