Hello all!
I'm fairly new to the site as hubby and I have only been trying for one month. I was absolutely convinced that I wouldn't be able to get pregnant again but after one month of trying I got a BFP today! This is our second baby. My son is just over two. I can't wait to tell folk but we're not sure whether to keep quiet for a bit. We told everyone as soon as we knew with our first pregnancy but since then we have a couple of friends who've sadly lost babies and its made us a bit wary this time round. How quickly are you other new mums-to-be telling family/friends/work etc?
Best wishes and baby dust to all!


  • hiya! congratulations! this is my fist baby and cos we were soooooooo excited we told all family and friends straight away!! i thought if something happened then i would at least have lots of support! i am self employed so didn't need to really tell work. have a happy and healthy pregnancy xxxxxxxxx
  • Hi Reester and congraulations, I think yesterday was a good day for BFPs! This will be my second baby also. We told my parents last night and are going up to tell hubbys parents today. Ive also told my best friend who is like family, but thats all we are telling for now. Not sure about work but want to leave it until at least 8/ 10 weeks if I can though with ds I had awful morning sickness so might not be able to hide it if I have that again!

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  • congratulations yay another BFP i got mine on thursday iv told both our mums and the girls at work as we work in a nursery so are all baby mad its my nans birthday on tuesday so i thought id tell her as a special birthday prezzie that shes gonna be a great grandma
    congrats again

  • Hi congratulations! Im pregnant with my first and have only told parents. Waiting to tell everyone till 12 week scan in a month. I would probably have told people sooner but have had a few problems so don't really know what to expect in first few weeks xxx
  • Hi and congratulations.
    We have told both our mums and dads but nobody else. Its so hard tho as i want to tell the whole world. Think we will wait til after the 12 week scan to tell rest of family and friends

  • Congratulations!

    we were going to wait till 12 weeks to tell people but I told my twin sis, who told her DH, who then blurted it out in front of my mum. I was not a happy bunny! My dad was told just before 12 weeks and when I said I was going to tell my other sis, whos trying herself I found out she had already been told!!! I think theonly person who doesn't know is my nan, she's in australia and going to send her a card with a scan pic in. she's back in april, so can't wait that long to tell her!
  • We didn't tell anyone until we were 14 weeks! We had to wait ages for the scan. It was the day we had the scan that we went and told my mum and dad, and then the following weekend we told hubby's mum and step dad. I think I told work when I was about 16/17 weeks although someone came up to me the other day at work and they didn't realise I was pregnant!

  • Thanks all!
    Congrats to all of you! We told my parents and hubby's parents today but said that we want to keep it quiet with everyone else until a bit further along. I'm only four weeks so we've decided its best to keep it under wraps until the 12 week scan. Then we can show everyone a fab scan pic!!!
    I'm considering telling work earlier tho. I had awful sickness when I was having my son (and lost a stone and a half during the first 17 weeks - I looked soooo ill!!!) and was signed off work for a few weeks. I might not be able to hide it if I'm as poorly this time. Think I'll see how long I can hold out!
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