Let's talk about sex!

So ladies the weird taste in men got us all going, and the other one about sex positions. So let's be honest, how much sex are you having? !'m 30+6 and would say lucky to be once a week now. Penetration has been off the cards for some time now as oh found it too weird and have to confess that now lo is very active, I am a bit freaked out too! However, we were still being fairly regular until last couple of weeks where both libidos have plummeted! And I seriously miss it but have very little interest in doing it. I miss the carefree sex we had before pregnancy and I fear those days may never return!!
So how much are YOU getting?


  • Sex...whats that...I seem to have a vague memory of the experience, ha ha....

    In my pregnancy with my daughter I was a rampant sex beast...I remember hubby coming to bed one night and saying, "please can I just go to sleep, it's not that I don't love you I'm just sooo tired', ha ha poor love I nearly broke him....

    However this time my sex drive has packed up and left home (I wonder if it's to do with having a boy this time), and now poor hubby is feeling like he's gonna explode, ha ha...he has been very understanding though...

    Don't worry mummym those carefree days will come back, just as long as you get a lock on your bedroom door. It took a while for our sex life to pick up after our daughters arrival but once it did it was great again... I'm also looking forward to having sex just for the fun of it and not trying to time it with ovulating... I remember the month we concieved, I'd been peeing on sticks to track OV, hubby and I had a big row and I then peed on a stick, got a smiley face and said, oh bollocks now I've gotta shag you, ha ha!!!!!

    Oh blimey I've harped on here....

  • I never really lost my sex-drive with any of my pregnancies and the funniest bit has got to be trying to find comfortable positions the further along you r!!!!! Never easy lol
  • We've been banned since 14 weeks which was a relief in the beginning but is getting on my nerves now!

    Sex positions include laying on my side with my legs firmly closed and dh sitting downstairs on the sofa! LOL

    Roll on June.......
  • im 29+2 and for the first couple of months sex was the last thing on my mind. (prob due to REALLY bad morning sickness and looking after a 2yr old and a 10 month old) but after i hit about 20 weeks i couldnt get enough of it!!! We now have sex at least once a day (wen my boys go for their nap) and sometimes at night too. I think its because i know i dont have to worry about getting pregnant that i enjoy it - no worry about safe sex!! The other halfs not complaining either!!
  • lol - shall i just say i'm still getting it fairly often and its very very good! although to be fair the night I got pregnant we were up till 4am at it like rabbits haha! I was shattered the next day but it was so worth it! *smiles* sorry if i sould like i'm bragging - haha wasn't ment to be just got all excited thinking about it haha! lol * blushes*
    When i read the title of this - I broke out in song in the offices lol lets talk about sex baby lets talk about you and me... haha a few strange looks but what the heck i'm leaving today! haha x
  • lol like mummym actual penertration is off he cards now lol, but it has dwindled now i found i just get out of breath lol which is very very embaressing!! my poor hubby lol xxchels xx
  • Brandollarz and it_must_be_love - I am VERY JEALOUS! Karen your sex position makes me laugh! Purplebabes, you give me hope!! x
  • Oh Zoey and all this time I thought you were getting your oh to dress up like David Bowie!!
  • We were at it once every other day and now we only do it at weekends as neither of us can really be bothered lol.

    Dh spends most of his evening doing his bodybuilding and I'm like his trainer (I lay on the sofa in my dressing gown counting how many reps he does lol).

    My dh has a lovely big juicy winky lol and since my fanny has shrunk down to pre virginal sizes penetration can hurt image How am I supposed to push my 18 tonne whale baby out of something as small as a ten pence piece??!!

  • Caz! That did make me laugh - have you not started the perineum massages then? Might help with fitting the big juicy winky in as well as squeezing the 18 tonne whale out!!
  • Howling reading this but also grimacing, we are once in a blue moon now, not because we dont want to (badly) just that when we do all I can think of (and OH) is our baby inside screaming as this huge sausage comes poking his/her sac! It really disturbs me and nothing can get it out of my head so we just do foreplay now, think the faact that the last time we did it baby started kick boxing inside really didnt help!
  • And if thats not enough, next time you go shopping have a look at a tub of dairylea - the one with the triangles in...........then imagine thats roughly the size you will need to get that 18ton whale out thru!!!!! Believe me, you'll never look at dairylea in the same way again lol
  • jmp, thats what I'm talking about!! I know theres a a bit in an Irvine Welsh book about imagining his dick hitting the babys head and think thats whats freaked out oh!! And feels bit like an invasion of los space! But foreplays just not the same! x
  • So glad I am not alone mummym, I know what you mean about invading lo space aswell, you can just imagine the poor little buggers trying to shove it back from whence it came!
  • Ha ha Caz, you do make me giggle! We are down to sex once or if oh is very luckly twice a week. To be honest with spd and the fact that I have found out that my muscel running between my ribs has started to split it just hurts to much to be active! Well roll on June when things might start to get back to normal!
    Tammi xxx
    28.6 weeks
  • Arrrrrr yes the bizarre perineal massage, dh is very much looking forward to rubbing my crotch with cooking oil :S I imagine after a few days of that it will be back to its usual slack self and my whale baby will slide out without me noticing lol I THINK NOT!

    Sex just doesn't feel the same all I want to do is snuggle up with hubby and eat anything and everything in site. Don't get me wrong he is very good at it when we do "do it" but it's mustering up the energy and sexy vibe to actually want to do it in the first place.

    Hopefully when whale baby arrives i'll be back to the sex kitten I once was, or perhaps I will buy my hubby a nice tai bride so I can get some sleep image

  • Have you seen that tv show on channel 5 called 21st century girls guide to sex (or something to that effect!). It was on last night quite late 11ish I think (bump was being awkward and I couldn't sleep). Well next week they are going to look at ways to have comfy sex when pregnant - what to do and what not to do! Sounds bizarre!
  • The confiest way to have sex whilst pregnant is probably to have it on your own with perhaps a vibrating friend lol (not that I have done either as really can't be arsed lol).

    MAybe I should make a programme....hmmmmm now theres a plan!
  • The only one of that show I saw involved lithe beautiful young people making lurve on the floor in front of a roaring fire! It was so far removed from my current reality I think I switched off and went to bed crying when I checked and realised I still couldn't see my feet, never mind watch his willy going in and out of me!!
  • lol mummym I know what you mean aboout the feet thing but it's even more disturbing not being able to see my fanny, I don't even know if it's there anymore image

    I hate it when beautiful people make lurrrrrvvvvv why can't they put on some ugly fatties humping away in uncoordinating bed clothes with their socks still on like real people do it image

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