should i call my midwife?

hi ladies, i'm 26wks today and this afternoon my ds1 was lying on me having a cuddle on the sofa and suddenly lifted he's head up and threw himself back and he's head hit me on bump. Since then my bump and my back has been aching and i generally just don't feel right. I'm not bleeding and baby is moving lots. But do you think i should just ring my midwife or see how i feel in the morning after a nights sleep? Thanks ladies x


  • hi, personally i would phone ur maternity unit or mw now, just to check with them, although i'm sure everything is fine as baby is well padded in there and as u say is still moving plenty and no bleeding, but i know i wouldn't stop worrying about it until an actual professional told me that, iyswim? try not to worry but probably best just to gve them a call and talk it over with them x
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