last saturday night of my pregnancy!

Oh my god ive just realised this is my last saturday night pregnant!!!!!! If i dont have baby by Friday i have been booked in to be induced on friday morning. So with a bit of luck i will have my bodyback by next saturday! Ive just been for a long walk had a hot bath and im now going to have an ice cold glass of milk for the heartburn , and pray this baby comes in the morning. Ah feel a bit emotional im so excited about meeting my baby but im bit sad too its been me and my boyfriend for 8 years and now theres going to be 3 of us. Ahhhhhhhhh im going to go down and give him a big love xxxx


  • Hopefully naturall but been advised to have epidural. George for a boy and Daisy for girl but have gone off Daisy a bit!
  • Hey, how weird is that your last Saturday night. I cant wait for mine i still have 7 more that's if he comes on time. good luck hope you have a good birth Tori (32+2) XxX
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