9.5mm amniotic fluid at 28weeks concern? ;(

I have just been for a 28 week scan as high risk from previous unexplained losses and now I've been told this pregnancy that the amniotic fluid is lower than expected which could mean there's placenta problems- needless to say I'm freaking out, I have another scan next week to check it doesn't go down but I was just wondering if anyone else had experience of this and if it is decreased what happens, would I be induced or what? Thanks, I was so surprised I didn't ask anything except whether my baby could die between now and next weeks check based on fluid!!!!!


  • Hiya hun
    I am popping in from born in May2010 (a friend thought a could help) and just wanted to reassure you. I also had low AFI which was spotted when I was bout 32 weeks pregnant. I recieved regular scans and they check the fluid level every time and also the flow through the placenta. as long as the fluid level doesnt go too low and the flow through the placenta is fine they will let you go to term! my fluid level went down to 6.8 and they still left me as the placenta was working well!!! I had my little girl 3 days early as my waters went early!! if you have any questions please feel free to ask and if I can help I will!!

    Rache xx
  • the fluid can replace itself, so they may be giving it time to do that. when mine went completely they were talking about leaving me 2 weeks before induction (they went at 35 weeks), luckily i went into labour 2 days later. xx
  • Hi hun,I was diagnosed at 22 weeks and also told to rescan in 1 to 2 weeks.It is so scary isnt it.I am now 27 weeks and although there is not much change in the fluid level,so far the baby seems Ok.Im having fortnightly scans to check the growth plus the fluid levels,then consultant afterwards to rewiew.As the other ladies have said the fluid levels can go up so Im always hoping that will happen.Apart from the suspected premature rupture of membranes they cant really figure what caused it my case,as both the placenta and the babies kidneys seems to be Ok. I also had an internal examination and swabs to check if there was any evidence of leaking fliud,but that came up as negative.
    Also this is very scary,they said that if diagnosed in the third trimester does not usually cause harm to the baby and active managment is usually all is needed-scans and check ups.I also found while researching this condition that there is evidence that a bedrest and drinking up to a gallon of water per day(increased maternal hydration-but in small regular amounts and without making yourself sick) might help.There is also increased risk of a cord compression at birth but that is something they will prepare for nearer your due time.
    All the best hun,I hope the fluid will go up for both of us and everything will be OK.xxx
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