Bloody akward babies

Was at mw this morning and last time lo was head down but in the space of 3 weeks the little bugger has now turned and is breech, i felt something hard digging in my ribs all weekend to the point where it was difficult to breath and i thought it was his bum but its his head. They are going to wait til my 36 week scan before they decide any thing and im back in 3 weeks when i'll be 34 +4 to check position.
Ive also been referred to physio about the numbness in my hands and the pain in my hips so might get some help from there. Feel fedup today after that.
vikki xx


  • They are little sods are'nt they, they like to keep us on our toes don't they especially your little ruby.
    I will give the birthing ball a go if not i'll try all fours but will have children crawling all over me lol
    thanks vikki xx
  • Awww vikki how annoying for u. Hopefully ur lo will turn itself back round tho and its not uncommon for babies that aren't ur first to do things like this. Wishing u lots of luck in trying to turn the baby and lets hope it gets back in the right position for ur next appointment. Kerry xxx

  • Thanks kerry, but he is a good size and the mw didnt think there was that much room left for him to turn its got to be in the next 2 -3 weeks or never lol
    vikki xx
  • Well fingers crossed, and get on ur hands and knees cleaning ur carpet, lol. Kerry xxx

  • Lol i might get more than i bargained for if im on my hands and knees and hubby sees me lol
    vikki xx
  • Ha ha ha, sorry i found that comment hilarious, i think its coz my OH would be exactly the same and can totally relate to it. U have to tell him to stay away until baby turns back round and then he can have his wicked way and that might help things move along, ha ha ha. Kerry xxx
  • Lol that made me laugh to are'nt men dirty buggers thas how we got ourselves in this in the first place lol
    vikki xx
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