I am feeling my little girl move :-)

Hi girls

Sorry I know this is not like huge news but I am over the moon, I went to a show on thursday night and ever since then I have been feeling her move. not tons but I can feel her. It's mainly of a night just before I go to bed or I have eaten something huge.

I am sooo pleased though and my bump yet again seems to have grown a little bit more image

K xx

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  • Aww i bet that feels amazing K-Lou. I cannot wait to feel my little bean.


  • Awww thats fab news! You are at such a nice and exciting stage! Just wait till your bubba starts nutting you in the cervix (it's a lot less nice!) image

  • yay - K-Lou I'm so pleased for you as i know you were a little worried it hadn't happened yet.
    I'm getting more movement too - just bigger flutters, but its ace.
    I'm sure it will be non stop for you now!!
  • Its so cool when you can start to feel definate movements.
    Mine is also more when i am in bed at night, having a lie still and reading, that seems to be when i get the most feeling.

    Im 25 weeks today - cant belive I only have 15 weeks to go!
  • LOL no that does not sound like fun, though all of yesterday my Cervix felt odd like something was pushing down on it???

    I am really enjoying it I was hoping I would start to feel her soon so it's really pleased me.

    K xx
  • Ive just started to feel him move too, I cant wait until Luke can feel it on the outside when he touches my tummy xx
  • awww that is sooo lovely i bet you are over the moon!!!! i know how much you were worrying about feeling her...

    What does it feel like?
    I really cant wait to feel my little one xxxx
  • Yay! Great news hun! My little one is a real wriggler. The movements are getting stronger and more noticable every day now! It's lovely image xxxxx
  • That's brilliant hon!
    Angus mostly moved when laying down at night or after eating in the early days too!
    You will love it even more when its stronger and then the first time your hubby feels it! Just bliss!
  • Awww it's a lovely feelin ennit? just wait till lil one gets stronger and then it'll feel like you've got a footballer or dancer in there hahahaha

  • Oh K-Lou thats lovely. Can't wait to get to that stage, must be such a wonderful feeling.

  • It's great isn't it?! I can feel my 2 really strongly now,probably because they are cramped! And for the last few days I've been feeling them throughout the day too,not just at night when I'm relaxing! K 19+6 xx
  • It really is a wonderful feeling, if I am feeling sick still or faint feeling her just makes it feel so real and then i know how worth it is all is.

    It's feels like something is turning or rolling in my belly and also feeling like little taps. At first it felt like bubbles but it's different now.

    K xx
  • Oh thats great k-lou, im so pleased for you. My little one was moving around all day yesterday it was lovely , but I still get days where I feel nothing at all!!

    Lisa xxx
  • That's fantastic K-lou. Hope you feel more confident now. Can't wait for pickle to start moving! xxx
  • Ah thats great news babe i am so glad you have started tofeel her move.

    AnneMarie xxx
  • Thank you girls, it's put s a huge smile on my face when I can as well image It's like she is she reminding me she is there.

    K xx
  • Isnt it amazing hun I started to feel mine move at about 16 weeks but over the last 3 days I have started to feel proper kicks - its so exciting



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