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Feeling very agitated

I am 29+5 and am starting to feel very agitated and irritable- its doing my head in!!

I haven't been able to sleep at night for the past week or so and its not even that I can't get comfy coz I can I just can't seem to get to sleep. I feel all itcy and irritated- I don't have fleas or nathin!!! It feel like it tho its hard to describe.

Is ANYONE else feeling like this??? I feel like I can't sit at peace I'm all fidgety and irritated.

I CANNOT take another 10 weeks of this!!! I feel like I will crack up


  • Hiya, im 34 weeks and i cant sit still! Im told to relax by other half but i just cant. Anything on telly annoys me and my minds all over the place! I feel like i have to be doing something all the time - not good as i wonder why i dont feel very well half way through the day! Sorry i cant be of more help but needed to have a little moan! x
  • yes definately bene likethis, although today im having a bit of a happy day!! which is great although i no tomoro i will be in a foul mood and irritable!!
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