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Thrush treatment?

what can I use to treat this Im nearly 34 weeks pregnant?


  • Hon
    you can stil take canesten but you need to check with your DR for him to prescribe it so it's on your
  • As Emma says canestan is perfectly fine.....I got a letter from hospital saying I could buy some or get it prescribed.....

  • canestan is fine, i used at 36 weeks and used the pessary which worked in a day its great and i highly recommend it, but get it prescribed after all its free that way, lol.
  • yeah u can use canesten cream just not the tablet!!

    38+5 x
  • You can use the cream and pessary tablet, but not the oral tablet. Found all this out this week. lol

    Bloody pregnancy eh?! This is the last thing we need.....

    C xxx
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