Childcare Vouchers

I'm looking up Childcare Vouchers, where my husband and I can seperately take part of our salaries as vouchers, pre-tax, and found out this...

The Childcare Voucher changes announced by the government during the June 2010 Emergency budget don't start to take effect until Apr 2011 so now's a good time to start using the scheme if you don't already.

From that time, the value of vouchers will remain at ??55 a week for basic rate taxpayers, but will be reduced to ??28 and ??22 per week for higher and additional rate taxpayers respectively (rather than the Labour government propsed changes that higher rate tax payers will get 20% tax relief instead of the current 40%).

Basic tax rate is ??37,400, which I earn a few grand more than. So will I only be able to get ??28 per week in vouchers, whereas my husband will get ??55?

At the moment I am working as a manager with takes me overthe threshold. I'm wondering if it would be less hassle and effort to give up the management post? But the tax savings wouldn;t work out much different, would they?


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