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Weight gain in early pregrancy


I am 11 week pregnant and seem to be gaining weight already. I am not sure if this is my bump starting to show or not. I have read that you can show earlier if it is not your first pregrancy, but i had a mmc in novemeber and am wondering if that would count as my first pregrancy and could be a reason why i am showing early. I no i will put on weight of course but im sure it shouldnt be this early on. I have always struggled with coming to terms with putting weight on as when i was younger i was really big and over the last 3/4 years i have fluttered from a size 6-10 and currently in size 8. Does anyone have any ideas on whether i could be showing early or is it just a bit of weight gain? Its nothing serious just the bottom of my stomach is sticking out a bit more then normal x


  • There are a lot of factors that influence when you start showing such as:

    1. Genetics - some people are just going to show early no matter what

    2. Body shape  e.g. short body versus long body - the growing foetus has to go somewhere and that means other organs will be displaced.

    3. Where/how tilted your uterus is and the flexibility of  ligaments supporting it.

    4. Where the placenta lies e.g. anterior placenta shows later

    5. Whether you are bloated or not - if you bloat easily after meals you will have a bigger stomach.

    I'm actually 3 weeks behind one of my friends',  but my stomach is larger even though it is my first child and her second.

    I personally wouldn't worry about it. In fact after 12 weeks you can use showing more to your advantage e.g. getting seats on crowded public transport.  Obviously it is a problem if you want to hide your stomach from people like employers.

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