8 week midwife appointment

went to see the midwife for my 8+ week booking in appointment and she asked if i had ever had chickenpox and i really cannot think whehter i have i dont remember, the only thing i do remember having was measles, but chickenpox no idea, never had it at primary school, my mum and dad cant remember either, she took bloods and is testing, what happens if i am not immune to it, also i have worked with children for 10 plus years so am at risk, howvever i have never caught it whilst working with children.

also she talked about the downs syndrome test injection you can have at about 16 weeks, to see whether high or low risk, has anyone had this????

has i am 29 and 30 when i have baby she said the risk is i think 1/9000,(think that was the figure) i think i will have it but i would be distraught if it came back high risk.......apprentl as you get to 36 your chances really increase, and im 29.

loads of info to take in!


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