rita cot bed package.

morning ladies,

i just wanted to share with you all, i got this set yesterday and its fab!
for the bargain price of ??250 i got a cot bed, mattress, cot top changer, change mat and under bed storage drawer.
it was so easy to put together too that i did mine while oh was in the bath lol
if any one is interested its in the argos book. image ;\)


  • Hi hun, I have this mamas and papas cot bed aswell!! Its fab isn't it. My mum actually chose it and bought it for us. I let my OH put it together tho while I had a bath!!!! x x x
  • lol my oh came out the bathroom and went, oh ok i`ll let you put it together then.think it was kind of a nesting urge lol
  • Large pat on the back to you hun for putting it up and lol to your ohs reaction. I love the changing mat that came with it, its much nicer than the one I bought for the living room so I've swapped them over!!! My mum usually has bad taste so was a bit worried when she said she had bought one and she didn't tell me it was in argos book so had to wait for it to be delivered and was soo pleased. We just need our LOs to complete it now!! x x x
  • i think oh was scared to come near me when i was putting it together, normally i get so wound up with flat pack stuff that he hides in case he end up wearing it lol.
    i know what you mean about mothers and bad taste tho, my mum not so bad cos she listens to me but mil is a different story, i end up with things in beige because its "THIS YEARS MUST HAVE COLOUR"
    1 like the baby is gonna care, an 2 beige? on a new born?
    oh well rant over and back to me being very happy cot is here and up and having only 2 weeks today to go
    take care
    jo xx
  • Oooo 2 weeks, you lucky thing, I got 6 weeks to go but have a scan on Monday to see if placenta still abutting so maybe earlier if it is. Keep us posted on any movement etc...

    Katie.x x x
  • i think the last 2 weeks are the worst, cos i`m so excited on the one hand and it seems like the days are dragging and scared on the other, been having quite painful braxton hicks too.
    dont know what an abutting placenta is but it sounds complicated??? hope your scan all goes to plan.
    keep us posted wont you?

    jo xx
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