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Maternity Policy at Work....

Hey girls
Just been reading up on my maternity policy as I wasn't really fussed before as OH wages cover our bills but it says:
Should notify the Company as soon as possible after they are aware of
the pregnancy in order for the Company to commence Health and Safety
procedures. This will be treated in the utmost confidence in all cases.

I'm 6+4 and dont' want to be treated like a sitting duck so wasn't going to tell until 12 weeks, will they tell me off?xx


  • I think it depends on the type of job you do. I work in an office (hardly strenuous stuff) so didnt bother telling work until I was 16 weeks ! Boss was fine with it. x
  • i told my bosses as soon as i found out but i as liftin boxes n crates but does depend wat job you do?
  • I'm a personal assistant so mostly involves sitting on backside all day and potentially stressing at boss but nothing strenous.
    Will wait me thinks!!!
    Thanks girls xx
  • Emma - no need to tell them until you are ready. You don't need to tell them until you are 25 weeks if you don't want to! And that's only so you can claim SMP. Apparently, I read yesterday, that if you don't want to claim SMP you don't even have to tell them! But for H&S aspects - its best to tell them as soon as you are comfortable (I did after my 13 wk scan) so they can carry out risk assessments. Plus - everyone is so much nicer to you and you don't have to carry anything ! image
  • Thanks smithyswife.
    I'm planning on telling them once I have had my scan but in my place it's not as simple as just telling my boss. He will tell HR, HR will tell assistant etc etc and before I know it the whole world knows!
    Thanks again girls xx
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