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We're having a.......

Girl!!!! Id convinced myself it was a boy Im soooo excited to find out we're actually having a daughter!

We can't wait to meet her, she's going to be very spoilt as she's going to be the first girl in dh's family for a whole generation, the youngest girl is actually in her 40's - everyone's had boys until now!!

She's going to be such a Daddy's girl - dh will absolutely dote over her!! And I cant wait to do all the girly things like shjopping trips and dancing lessons - yeahy!!!



  • Oh how lovely for you! Have you brought anything yet? going to treat yourself to a lovely pink outfit?

    23 weeks today
  • Yay! So pleased for you Popsicle! x x x
  • We went to Mothercare afterwards and bought some gorgeous little outfits. We chose the theme for the room, Please Look After Me and I bought her a bedtime teddy in pink! I dont want to go overbourd on the pink but it was great buying our little girl a pressie from Mam and Dad dh chose her a pack of babygrows in a very bright design (!) and I chose a lovely winnie the pooh 4 piece set then we got another 4 piece set we both liked!

    We're painting her room tomorrow and we've ordered the carpet as it's wood flooor at the moment so it's coming along great!
  • That's great hun. Congratulations! xx

  • Congrats on your pink bump xx
  • congratultions popsicle!!!!! its so exciting finding out the sex isnt it. we had convinced ourselves that we were having a girl but we are having a boy and are so chuffed!!!

    ashy 22+5
  • Yay!!!! Im so pleased for you Popsicle that makes our 1st Girl and 1st known gender in the November forum xxx

  • Brilliant!!
  • Wonderful news, so pleased for you xx
  • How lovely. Congratulations!
  • Ah thats fantastic news. Congratulations. Lisa 28+2 x
  • AAh thats brilliant news! shes sure to be spoilt boy all the family!
  • awwww congrats I find out on 20/06/09 whether its a girl or a boy got a feeling its a boy but would really love a girl for same reason as u for the OH xxx
  • aww thats fab news congrats on your pink bump xx

  • argh thats lovely congrates!

    how did u find out at 16 weeks if u dont mind me askin cuz me an oh wanna find out asap lol


  • I booked it wi Babybond as our local Hospital doesnt tell you the sex so when I read that it was possible to tell from 16 weeks once we'd decided thats what we wanted to do - I booked it for 16+2
  • Congraulations honey! I can't believe you have found out already, feels like only yesterday you got your BFP! xxx
  • Ah thats lovely, congratulations. I had convinced myself we were havinga boy in the hope it was a little girl. Hubbies side is all boys expect for his sister, but we are actually having a boy. Got used to it now, and found some lovely clothes for our little man.


  • hi hun sorry to b a pain lol but ave they got a web address that me an oh can take a look at?


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