Advice needed re: baby movements at 36weeks?

Just a bit worried. Had midwife appointment today and midwife said there was a trace of protein in my urine, said its prob nothing to worry about but sent it off for tests. Anyway before I left she told me if i notice baby not moving I have to ring her straight away?? she even wrote in my notes that she had told me this??
Is this normal at this atage for them to say that or do you think it may be something to do with the protein?? Any advice appreciated.x

Nic 36


  • hiya love i don't have any advice about the protein but i do know that feeling baby move as you get further on is always an important issue. they say 10 times a day is normal, i always worried i didnt feel evie move that much especially towards the end. if your concerned about what she has written can you call and ask why she has written that? i think its just a precaution as your coming to the end of the pregnancy etc, dont worry she's probably just making sure you are being aware of baby moving xxxx
  • hello chuck,
    i have been in and out of hospital since wed with +4 protine,
    was your blood pressure ok?
    i have had endless blood tests and blood pressure montered and traces and a growth scan,
    my blood pressure was fine so i was told i had kidney problems and baby will have to come early and i will be ill ect..............
    did a 24 h water sample that took 5 days to come back...............
    i got told yesterday they think i just have a water infection and my iron is a bit low im due back in hospital fri
    so i would not worry too much i have been through hell and back just for them to say that.
    as for the movements they will just say that to cover there backs i think but its better to keep an eye to your bundle of joy.
    hope this helps.
    im here if you have any questions
    emma 34+6 xxxxxxxxxx
  • Hi Nic

    Dont worry about why she wrote it in your notes. Unfortunately it is just to cover there own backs. After I had my lo I had to stay in for 2 nights. When I read my notes after, the nurses at the hospital had wrote down everything including every single question I asked and their response. I asked why and she said it was a precaution in case I wanted to complain or sue!! xxxx
  • As the others have said I wouldnt worry, i've had protein for the majority of my pregnancy and the midwives arent too concerned,just keeping a slightly closer eye on me.
    As for the notes like Tuppence says when I was admitted to hospital a couple of weeks ago I read my notes and they literally wrote down everything !! Just to cover themselves.

    Mrsw 38+5
  • Thanks guys I feel alot better now.x
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