Bambinodirect - website- Have they gone bust?

I found the silvercross linear freeway complete with carset for ??379 on their website, just looking as its still very early days, but for the last week have not been able to get into their website. does anyone know any information?


[Modified by: rebecca1975 on 22 February 2009 13:20:27 ]


  • A lot of people have had problems with that site. would advise against buying from them. Have you tried kiddicare?
  • yep it is in kiddicare about ??10.00 dearer, thanks.

  • kiddicare might price match for you.
  • My friend, heavily pregnant had to drive some distance to their shop to get their money back after weeks of excuses and being fobbed off. I would not buy from them now. Would pay the extra tenner x
  • I would personally not buy anything from Bambino Direct after the hassle we had getting our buggy. If what you want is available from Kiddicare then get it from them it really really is not worth the stress and hassle of dealing with such an incompetent company for ??10 - believe me!!!!
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