Pain - Probably TMI

Hope this doesn't sound too gross but when me & oh were having sex earlier (quite deep) I had a shooting pain inside & felt like something had been ruptured! image

I yelled so we stopped straightaway, I thought there would be blood everywhere but there was nothing and the pain stopped straightaway too. I listened to my baby on the doppler and felt some movements too so does that mean everything's okay?

I'm 20 weeks. x


  • im not quite sure about this one but i would keep an eye on it. i had this once and it turned out i have a condition where part of my womb is growing outside the cervix..not that this is the case with you, its not a serious problem, but it did explain the pains i felt if we were having sex that was deep like you say...

    it may just be a twinge or you could have put pressure on lo and their jolt caused the pain you felt...

    i really dont no but think u should call mw if u experience anything else.

    take care
    holly xx
  • Same as hollylizzy I'm not sure but think if the pain stopped and there has been no disruption, you should try not to worry too much. It could be an angle thing. You've checked and baby is still there, which is the main thing, but call mw if you're still worrying, thats what they are there for. Take care x
  • Thanks girls...I really have no idea what it was. Felt like something in me had ripped but no blood! Still, I'm taking that as a good sign.

    I don't want to bother mw this time of night rly, and I have my scan tomorrow at half 1 so that should tell me if something's up I guess.

    Still worried...but I guess no pain/bleeding is a sign it's all OK. As for oh, I think I scared him screaming, guess he'll be more gentle from now on even though I've never found it a prob before x
  • Hope everything goes ok tomorrow, sure it will. We have a pregnancy triage at our local A+E unit, they can be contacted at any time, maybe see if you have the same around you if you don't want to contact mw now?
    Let us know tomorrow.
  • Well, in the end I got too worried to forget about it so I called delivery suite which mw said I could call if it was urgent. The mw there was really nice and she said seeing as the pain had resolved itself it sounded like nothing to worry about & to call back if I had bleeding or more pains.

    I had some tummy cramps last night but only the mild kind I've been getting all through, and I felt some kicks that made me jump about 10 foot in the air, lol, so I'm presuming everythin's OK in there...

    Thanks for your help - dreading my scan today!
  • I'm sure if the pain is just your usual and you've felt some kicks, then everything will be fine. Maybe baby was just caught at an awkward angle and is just reasserting authority!! Fingers are crossed for you.
  • oh dont dread your scan its wonderful the 20wk one is! im sure it be fine babes x
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