Families - ARGH!

Just need to get it off my chest before hubby gets home from work. MIL rang last night wanting to know could midwife say when she thought I might have the baby as she will book time off work so she can come and stay. Hubby said no (thank God) and explained I want my mum not her and that he would let her know when she could come and visit after baby was born. She wasn't impressed and is now sulking. God, she must think the midwife is psyhic - an exact date LOL.

Today we get a letter from hubby's dad's mum (Grandma) who has a nasty dig about us not visiting her - she lives the other end of the country. And she goes on about how lovely hubby's dad is. Yeah right, the man who ruined my wedding day and who hasn't spoken to hubby since January when we told him about the baby. She thinks we should make more of en effort with him and his third wife etc etc. Hubby's mum and dad divorced when hubby was 5 and his Dad is really quite unpleasant. Then she goes on about all her other great grandchildren who are all fantastic etc etc. I was upset when I read it and know I shold ignore it but she really got to me because she doesn't know the truth about hubby's Dad and everything he's done to hubby.

Sorry for the rant but I could do without this right now! And I don't want my baby anywhere near that side of the family as they are just not nice. Argh...families!


  • Hi,

    Couldn't stop laughing at the MIL wanting exact date!!!!
    The only advice i can give is to just do what i do, sigh, agree and sympathise or totally avoid!!!
    I haven't got the best family in the world, i mean i saw my mum when i picked kids up from school and she totally looked right through me!!
    As long as you hubby and lo are together and happy thats all that matters, chin up and have a wonderful last few weeks of pregnancy.xx


  • Oh god, I can't stand families sometimes! I can't believe she wanted an exact date...haha...

    My sister and stepsister came to visit me & Gabriel last week...My stepsister drove them down, and spent literally 2 minutes with him before dashing off to meet some bloke (she has been with her fiance 5 years and they own their own house) who just happens to live near us....hmmm wonder why she came down....and then had the cheek to ask my oh to drop my sister off so she could spend more time with her bit on the side!!!

    And she smokes and covered my lo in fag fumes from her clothes....I got my own back tho lol. She was wearing a ridiculous dress & i said did you wear that to work. "Yes"...."What do you work as again?" haha!
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