Hiya mate,

How did you get on at CAB and with hubby?

Let me know on here or by email,

Take care,

Love Lee


  • Hey Lee,

    I have just emailed you image

  • hasnt come through yet mate - not ignoring you!!!!
  • thats ok lol it should appear soon as I sent it over an hour ago.

    Apparently sometimes my emails appear in peoples junk mail as they don't like my last name, it might be worth having a look in there image

  • wasnt there but my computer being a bit temperamental this morning so will keep my eye out ok
    you ok this morning?
    Love Lee xxxxx
  • Not really,

    We are just going round in circles, he keeps telling me i'm being moody but I'm not i'm just a little on edge and emotionally exhausted. He has just hung up on me a minute ago cos I told him to calm down and he said "thats right it's always me the problem is only with me" and I said that he was right and the problem was with him and he said "whatever I'll see you on sunday" and hung up. I feel like I'm smashing my head against a brick wall. I know we love each other but its just doesn't seem to be working and it's grinding me down.

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