Found somewhere for my hamsters to go :-(

And I am gutted even though I know they will be well looke after and re homed to good people I am told I am so sad to have to give them away.

I have to take them there on the 15th March at 1pm Hubby thinks i am being silly and nobody else seems to get how sad I am about it. I have them since they were tiny babies and now I feel like I have just given them away.

The only good thing is , when they do pass i wont be there to see it and so wont be so upset. When Robo died my other Hamster i was heart broken he had a stroke and they had to put him down and I was sooo gutted.

K xx
17 weeks


  • Bless, i know how u feel. I have had to get rid of my cat ready for the baby coming and he was my baby!! I love my fat cat. But i couldnt keep him because of the hairs and the next door nabourgh lets all the stray cats into his house to feed them and my cat use to toddle in behind them so always came home with fleas!! I cant have fleas in house with a baby so i didnt have much choice. I miss him loads x
  • I understand completely how you feel! I have a hamster as well. Been with us a year now. We're leaving for Canada at the end of March and so we have to give him away.

    We've found a nice family with kids to give him to and I'm gutted. No one seems to understand that a quiet little hamster can still be such a big part of your life. I know he'll be well looked after but this is so hard image

    LMCK xxx
  • Thanks girls, I have just got laughed out because it's only a hamster though I am giving away all three of mine and I love them to bits.

    I feel good in one way as now the room will be clear for the baby which is more important to me but at the same time they are old and I just want to make sure they go to a good home you know.

    Thanks girls.

    K xxx
    17 weeks
  • I'm really pleased that you have found a good home for them and fully understand that it will be heartbreaking for them to go.
  • Oh bless you I understand how you feel we had 3 Guinea Pigs and had to rehome them to make way for the baby, they just cost so much each month and take up far to much time that I wouldnt be able to dedicate to them anymore. It was hard for a couple of weeks but Im fine about it now. Chin up, you have a beautiful baby on the way.
  • Thanks Helen image

    K xxxx
    17 weeks
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