How did you know?

Silly question but what symptoms, if any, told you you were pg?

I have none so dont think I am but just wondering if there is anything, other than af not arriving, that I could look for?


  • Yeah, I had been trying for a baby for ages so to put it out of my mijnd I stopped working out when my period was due. Obciously, it didn't arrive but I was unaware so never thought anything about it.

    However, I had been experiencing tiredness which is not like me. I was going to bed at 8 and sleeping in til 7 and not wanting to get up. My friend then said to me that she was like that in her first trimester of pregnancy. I then worked out period dates and found I was 2 weeks late and then did a test. I didn't get morning sickness until I was 10 weeks and that is the only other syptom I have had.



  • well iv not been having periods as i breasftfeed my 8 mth old so they have never returned after having her!the signs i got were i lost alot of weight quickly and then just as quickly purt lots on,my jeans were too tight on me and that always happens at the beginning of my pregnancies.Also i know tmi but i bled after having sex with hubbie and assumed id conme on a period but had nothing the next day so it made me think as i do blead if i have sex whilst pregnant.Got a test the next day and was positive!iv done 3 more since and they are all the same!! xxx
  • my period was a few days l8 but to b honest i just new and was in denial cos id had 3 mc last year so i new but didnt want to believe it xx
  • ours was tender and swollen boobs, and then the next morning we got our BFP! xxx
  • only thing i got was AF was a week late and thats the onlyn reason i tested. however OH had been saying to me from a week before AF was due that he thought i was pregnant, which was very spooky as we weren't trying. maybe thats daddy's intuition??

  • Hi
    I just felt tired and a bit sick but ot actually sick - i also went off the foods I normally love.
    Everyone is different, some people don't get any symtoms at all - The lucky ones!!!
  • Hi

    I was feeling faint and nearly collapsed in the Cathedral, then after eating food I nearly threw up all over the place. My boobs were so sore but they usually are before af. I truly didn't think about being pregnant until I realised that af was about 8 days late. I tested and lo and behold the second line appeared. Needless to say I was shocked.

    Kris 30+1
  • Hiya, with this baby i only knew i was pg because the HPT said i was!! I had no symptoms whatsoever, and was convinced i was going to get AF anyday, but POAS anyway because like most ttc'ers i'm addicted lol. I was floored when that 2nd line came up! Extreme morning sickness came about a week later, along with sore boobs and exhaustion. Hope this helps! xxx
  • Day before, got made a cup of tea at work and it repulsed me (normally love tea) assumed milk was off or something. Then came home and threw up when smelt dinner cooking, then watched funeral on tv and blubbed my eyes out (never ever cried at tv before). At that point knew something was up but still had af type pains. Did test next am, BFP!!
  • The only symptom I had was really sore/heavy/tender boobs
  • My boobs!!

    That was about the only thing really, boobs were huge (remember being at work and looking down and thinking, blimey are they attached to me?!) also got quite sore and very sensitive-esp nipples.

    I was due on, on the Thurs but 'just knew' from the Tues. Tested on the Friday and BFP. Was only 6weeks after we started trying so big shock!
  • Im glad there are some people who have had no symptoms. Other than sore boobs, but not overly, that came on today, I dont feel any different. af due tomorrow so we will see. Dont think I am as im sure I would know but it seems maybe not! Thank you for all your replies and wish me luck!
  • wishing you so much good luck, fingers crossed for you! xxx
  • Thanx firsttimer33. xxx
  • good luck let us know! xx
  • Hey!

    I knew 2 weeks before i got my BFP that i was preg. My boobs were really sore, needed to pee all the time and was really tired feeling all the time, then i got my BFP and i was 4 weeks pregnant. So i was only 2 weeks gone when i had my 1st symptoms, i had tested but it was negative, didnt realise it was way too early to tell :lol:

    Good luck x x x

    Sharon x

  • The HPT told me. I had no symptoms (thinking back I did but nothing I questioned at the time) and didn't even think I was because of timings etc. I POAS because I felt like it and then chucked it on the side thinking it was pointless and feeling very wasteful with my last one. I finished my wee then glanced over and it was a BFP!! Was sooooo shocked! I shouted OH to come look see if I was losing the plot and by the time he got to the top of the stairs it was a thick dark line!

    Now I think about it I felt faint a few days before, had sore boobs but I normally do before AF anyway and I had heartburn which I get anyway. Nothing that couldn't have been explained by AF.

    Good luck.
  • VERY sore and swollen breasts-it was so bad I went to docs thinking something else wrong! Thinking back on it also had developed amazing sense of smell despite also having (and have had whole way through) a blocked nose! Didn't know thats what it meant at the time but will do next time!
  • About a week before my bfp I was craving milk like crazy. I normally don't hate milk, it's just something I never really had an urge to drink. When that happened I was 90% sure. I got my bfp yesterday and today I started having bad heartburn, which I've never had before.
  • I think I may be reading into things but I feel sick when I eat, im knackered (had 11 hours sleep last night, and still fell asleep this afternoon), my boobs are getting more painful by the minute, i am weeing all the time, although I am drinking a lot, and I have really bad gas. Af is due tomorrow so fingers crossed.
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