I had a missed mc in Feb and the EPU in Edinburgh said I could have an early scan at 8 weeks when I get my next BFP.

We might be moving to Nottingham soon and I know some EPU's won't give you an early scan after a mc so I was just wondering if anyone lives in Nottingham and whether or not you were allowed an early scan after a mc?

Hope you and bumps are all well.


  • hi miss impatient i live in nottingham and this is my 3rd baby and have had early scan with all 3 1st 2 due to excessive morning sickness so checking fo twins and this time due to pain (that was a water infection) so if im being scanned that quickly im sure there would be no problem with you being scanned due to a mmc as soon as you move speak to your new midwife and let her know what your local epu have said good luck in the move
    claire x
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