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Final Growth Scan Update!

Morning all

Just returned from Angus's last growth scan! He is doing well, his growth is normal and they are pleased with our progress. He's currently estimated to weight 6lbs 9ozs so a bit less than I had been expecting! He was feeling a bit camera shy today though so no piccies! Head is down but not engaged at all... the rest of his position is all good, not back to back, spine on the left, bum up near my chest / heart area, limbs down on my right side.

Had a good appointment with the midwives & consultant afterwards... HB, BP and pee all normal again!

I've got my morning sickness back with a vengeance and the midwife said it's most likely to be because of new hormones now my body is producing whilst it is preparing for Angus to come out, but also because my heartburn is bad at night, the acid is laying higher up and so it's coming out in the mornings.

The midwife and consultant are certain the pains I've been having are Braxton Hicks and they confirmed that YES they CAN be painful - contrary to what many people are told! But I am sure it depends on your levels of pain threshold, mine is rubbish!!! LOL

Anyway, we're both doing well and they are super pleased with everything. I've also had the OK for a water birth if the midwife on -duty' at the time is comfortable with it.

Scary thing... my next consultant appointment is at 40-weeks when they will book my induction!!! I said I REALLY hope I don't see you then!

Joo xxx


  • oo how excting joo!!!! time is just going to fly by now!!!!
    Just think the next picture of Angus will be in your arms what a crazy thougth! xxxx

  • glad all is well lucky you getting induced at 40 weeks my consulatant s even seeing me to discuss it unitl 41 weeks!!
  • Chloe - its just an appointment to book my induction date, they won't actually do it at 40-weeks, she said it'll be about 10-days after my due date!
    I was just so surprised she mentioned it that's all... I suppose it hadn't even crossed my mind Angus will be late but I guess you never know!
    Come on Angus, be a good boy and be early or on time like Mummy always is!
  • Glad it went well Joo, its just a waiting game now isn't it! Its exciting to think that when I get to your point you will probably have little Angus at home safe and sound image

    Bec 33+4 x
  • I got booked in for a chat about induction at my last presentation scan last week for when I'll be 41+4. My mw said they might do a sweep then as well if necessary. I was surprised at being booked in for it too but i guess they like to be organised! Hopefully Peanut and Angus will have arrived on their own and we won't neeed to go to these appts!!

  • That's wonderful news! Glad its all going well, it won't be long now!
  • soo glad everything is going well for you.

  • Thanks everyone!
    Am so pleased our little baby Angus is doing ok. Just can't wait to meet him / her now!
    Feels more exciting now we have picked definite boys & girls names too!!!

    DG - keeping everything crossed for us we don't have to have those crappy inductions!!! LOL
  • that is so exciting hun!! really pleased everything is going well xxx
  • glad everything is going okay--wow that's a mighty good weight! i hope for your sake you don't need to be induced

  • Really glad your appointment went well Joo. Not much longer to wait now. Hope little Angus is on time!
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