Feeling a bit strange.

Hi everyone!
Ive been feeling a bit weird the last week or so. I havnt stopped crying, yesterday me n my boyfriend went out for a meal, we went to 4 different restaurants and i wasnt happy in any of them, im crying at almost anything, i read a story on here about 10 minuites ago and the tears were poring down my face! whats going on. Nothing pleases me, everything annoys me! My poor boyfriend cant do anything right. Im not usually a very emotional person, and im only about 8 weeks, i wasnt expecting to be like this for a long time yet. Has anyone else been like this?


  • Yep - its those bloody hormones.

    I had a very miserable week a few months back and felt so sorry for myself (why??) and I was ratty and ci ried at home, at work, in the car - I couldnt honestly tell you why. I just felt like that. Ive been fine since (obviously get the odd day when I;m ratty) but i felt so miserable and didnt know why - ive got a lovey husband, little baby on the way, nice home, job i like, my health and a very supportive family. Why would i be miserable?

    Dont worry - it will pass, i;m sure. Your body is going through a lot of upheaval and these emotions are part of the package, Im afriad.

    Keep smiling love:\)
  • Aaawwwwww bless ya chick! Things will get better your hormones are just running haywire at the moment. I was very emotional for a few weeks at the start of my pregnancy but it didn't help that my dp was serving in Iraq! It does pass, don't worry it really is normal xxx
    If you are still concerned maybe contact your midwife, she is there to help and reassure, all the best
    Amy xxx
  • yes i was the same - used to cry for no reason then a few hours later i be laughing & joking about it - these hormones do very strange things to you i can tell you !! It will soon pass try not to worry xx
  • Don't worry I think my boyfriend thought I was going mad, one minute I'd be sobbing or screaming in rage the next I'd be hysterical with laughter! I became so fussy about everything, luckily though it was just a phase, don't worry it will pass.x
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