Baby Show - Earls Court

Just wondering if anyone has been to the baby show and if it was worth it?
Hubbie and I thought we might go tomorrow but won't waste our time if it is not worth it. (Been to a couple of wedding shows and thought they were rubbish, not worth the entrance fee!)
Seems like a good place to try things out (prams etc) but we can always go to morthercare for that. We might get some stuff cheaper than the shops but has to be worth the entrance fee.
Any opinions???

(It's ??15 each on the door)


  • sorry only just spotted this so might be too late but we went yesterday and it was well worth it, what you get in freebies makes up the entry fee and then everything is discounted so i would recoommend it image we picked up a tommee tippee nappy wrapper kit, normally ??35 for ??10! also tens machine hire a lot cheaper, specials on prams, cots everything! we went from about 12-3, it was massive took ages to walk around and look at everything, exhausted afterwards, but picked up everything we wanted image
    jess 31 weeks today
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