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Hello, i have read that underwired bras should be avoided during pregnancy, but my usual bras are underwired and so am wondering when should i get measured up for some new 'non wired' bras? I'm only 10 weeks at the moment, and my boobs feel a bit fuller but my bras still fit. So when should i get new ones? And where's the best place to go for them?

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  • ive been wearing underwired bras i did in my previous pregnancy too i dont think it matterd really.ive gone up 1 cup size to a C cup but i have'nt got measured its up2u tho hun
  • Thanks for the replies, ill just have to see how things go then. If they suddenly grow obviously ill need some new bras, but for now ill stick to what ive got.

    (would be nice to have big boobs though-lol)

  • Hi, I decided to follow what I'd read about wearing non-wired bras during pregnancy, though must admit I was rather apprehensive as my boobs are quite big & I always wear underwired ones normally. M&S do a range (I think they're called 'total support') which I've found okay, though highly unsexy (make me feel about 90!) As you said, you'll just have to see how much you grow over the coming months.
  • they tell you not to wear underwire if you plan to breastfeed. cause it can block the ducts. but tbh i have worn a mixture of maternity ones and underwire... dont really think it matters... but later on, like say 20 weeks it could matter x
  • My MW insists that you should not wear underwired bras all through pregnancy, so obviously I've listened to her. It can stop you from producing the correct amounts of breastmilk and block your ducts. I've been wearing maternity bras from M&S - they're really comfy, but not much to look at. They're not too expensive either. They're about ??20 for two. I think you're supposed to get measured for new bras at about 16-18 weeks, once your boobs have gained weight. Hope that helps, Love Rachel XXX
  • I wore underwired bras til bout 16weeks as they stil fitted me fine. Am now wearin non wired ones as i hope to bf, my boobs rn't massive so it's not too bad. I got some nice ones from asda for ??4 they do black and white and they're not too expensive if ur boobs change alot
  • Thank you again for the replies, i do plan on breastfeeding if possible so if needed ill get some non wired bras a bit later on.

    Its really exciting being pregnant, but theres a lot to think about!

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